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Freight forwarders divided over collection wharf landing fees

By Godwin Oritse

THE various freight for  warding groups in the Nigerian maritime industry have disagreed over the recently introduced  wharf landing fees
The fees which was recently introduced by the Lagos State Government are to be  paid on every consignment that comes out of the ports.

While some freight forwarders in support of  the collection, other claims that the collection is illegal and have threaten to take legal action against the state government.
Speaking to Vanguard on the moves to take legal action against the Lagos State Government Prince Aderemi Olikuntuyi said that the state has no right to collect such fees. He explained that the mode of putting its official on the streets of Lagos thereby causing traffic jam in and around the port area
He also stated that using a private company to effect the collection could lead to fraud on the part of the collecting firm

Presenting a contrary view, the President of the National Council of Managing Directors of Licensed Customs Agents (NCMDLCA) Mr Lucky Amiwero said that his group is fully in support of the collection of wharf landing fee, adding that the State Government has justified the collection as there physical evidence to show for it.

He explained that the government has passed a law to that effect and that the law must be obeyed.
“The wharf landing fee was initially opposed, but when we saw what the government was doing in Lagos, we had no choice that to support him.
“They had to collect from the streets because the ports belongs to the Federal Government, while the roads belongs to the State government and the container or cargoes passes through the streets of Lagos before they are delivered


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