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Communities differ on land acquired by Agip

THE—Ekorogbene community in Burutu local government area of Delta State has faulted claims by a group, Bilizigha Federated Communities, on the land acquired by Nigerian Agip Oil Company (NAOC).

In a statement signed by a community development activist, Mr. Ekereke Oyakongha, the community, refuted claims made on the land.

Mr. Oyakongha, who is also an elder in the community maintained that “for the purpose of record, the whole world should note that Bilizigha Federated communities do not own any land  in the area where Agip Oil Company is working.

We are the owners of the land and we have all the seismic data and other relevant documents to prove our ownership and that Agip should rather dialogue with us. We hereby challenge Bilizigha community to come forward with the proof of ownership based on  documented facts.”

According to him, “Bilizigha community is only deceiving Agip and the federal government of Nigeria in search of recognition.”

We hate violence in grievances-pursuit but we believe in fighting for our right through carefully documented legal and historical facts.

We hereby call on Agip Oil Company to ignore the spurious and dry claim of Bilizigha community and engage us in an evidence-based dialogue.

“Operation-disruption”, he argued, “is anti-government and anti-development and this negative position can only be taken by non-owners of a place as it was in the Bible’s Solomonic case.

Agip Oil Company should ignore the cheap recognition-seeking publications of Bilizigha Federated Communities on the pages of newspapers. Is land-ownership matter a matter for pages of  newspapers? It is laughable that Bilizigha community wants to claim Ekorogbene Community’s land on the pages of newspapers and this can never work.”


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