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Bauchi Dep. Gov sack My Hands Are Clean, says Yuguda

By Henry Umoru
GOVERNOR of Bauchi State, Mallam Isa Yuguda yesterday cleared himself off the impeachment of his long embattled Deputy,Alhaji Mohammed Garba Gadi, saying “my hands are clean”, just as he described the sack as unfortunate and wishing him well in his future political endeavour.

Speaking with some Journalists in Abuja yesterday, Yuguda who recently dumped the All Nigeria Peoples Party (ANPP) under which platform he was elected governor said, “I respect him as I respect my father, but what happened that led to his impeachment was beyond my control. The facts and charges of his impeachment are clear.

“It has nothing to do with my crossing over to the PDP. My advice to critics who link his impeachment to my cross over to PDP should go over and check the charges that led to his impeachment. Nowhere was it stated that the deputy governor is being impeached because he did not decamp with Governor Isa Yuguda to the PDP.

“There is no single charge like his refusal to decamp to PDP in the entire charges against him, because that is not a constitutional charge. The House is not a rubber stamp, they are responsible lawmakers and therefore cannot be led by the nose to do what is unconstitutional.

The House accused the deputy governor of gross misconducts and the facts are there for all who care to see”.

Answering questions on why he could not save his deputy against the backdrop that it had nothing to do with his cross carpeting, the governor who noted that since he became the governor of the state, he adopted the spirit of non interference, said, “there you go again, there is a constitutional separation of duties between the executive and the legislature.

If I had interfered as you suggested, Nigerians would say that the governor of Bauchi state is interfering in the affairs of the state assembly.

“Even when the State Assembly changed their Speaker recently, it came to me as a surprise. I did not know of any crisis in the State Assembly, it was only my Adviser on State Assembly that informed me on telephone on what was going on at the state Assembly and later, I was informed that a new speaker has been elected by the lawmakers.”

It would be recalled that the deputy governor who eventually lost the battle of keeping his job, has been having a running battle with the State House of Assembly for the last three months immediately after the governor dumped the ANPP they both belonged for the PDP.

The embattled Gadi was removed by the state House Assembly in a unanimous vote Thursday, but the impeachment move, though Yuguda has washed his hands off, but the sack is believed to have been orchestrated by him for the Deputy governor refusing to follow him to the new party.

Thereafter, there were allegations leveled against him and the removal formed the climax of the submission of the seven_member investigative panel report that was set up by the House to probe the allegations against him.

In the heat of the crisis, Gadi was in May this year slammed with impeachable offences ranging from gross misconduct, collection of double estacode for one trip to Saudi Arabia to perform the 2008 Hajj to giving approval for various contracts that were above his approval limits as Deputy governor.


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