June 9, 2009

We don’t have a team! – Ndubuoke

By Tony Ubani
SUPER Eagles set pulses racing on Sunday with their play before the goals over-shadowed their scrappy play which nonetheless sent the team on the heels of hot-favourites, Tunisia, which thumped Mozambique 2-0 to place them on top with six points from two matches. The Eagles have four from same matches. Many Nigerians were awed with the performance of the team that raised so much hope with their tip-top 1-0 victory over former world champions, France.



After surviving a heart attack after watching the Eagles match, former President of Sports Writers Association of Nigeria, Fan Ndubuoke, has submitted a damning verdict that “we don’t have world cup team”.

“The problem with Eagles is not motivation as the PTF people are tying to make us believe. The problem is technical. The team against Kenya lacked dept. Let Amodu tell us the techniques and formation that he played against Kenya. Amodu can’t offer what he doesn’t have. He has a bad aura. If you like give him the Brazilian team. He can’t cope. If what I saw of the Eagles against Kenya is anything to go by, we can’t make it to the world cup. Even if we ‘wobble and fumble’ through, we can’t cross the first round of the World Cup”. I know that Tunisia will pick the ticket in our group”,  Ndubuoke spurted.

Ndubuoke did not spare the Nigeria Football Federation, NFF, which he said were bereft of ideas.
He also tongue-lashed assistant coach Daniel Amokachi for keeping two jobs. “I’ve never seen where a coach keeps a job as an analyst on pay TV while still coaching. The normal thing is for coaches to be hired during big events where their teams are not involved to analyse. But the NFF don’t have the liver to stop him”.

Ndubuoke also picked holes with Amodu’s submission that the massive crowd at the Abuja National Stadium affected the performance of his players. “That is a lame excuse. So Amodu does not want Nigerians to watch Eagles so that they can play well? It is laughable”.

The former Managing Editor of Sportslink said that the best way out of the quagmire was for Amodu to hand over to Samson Siasia. “With the players Siasia used in Olympics and the U-17 team from late Yemi Tella, Nigeria will bounce back to reckoning. Siaisia holds the ace and he can pick four or five players from the present crop of players in the Amodu team”, Ndubuoke said on our hotline.