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The sons, daughters of Ile Ife: Butchered, paraded and now prisoners of war by Fani-Kayode

Permit me to begin this contribution with an aside. The barbarians that launched a terror attack in Westminster, London yesterday in which four people were killed and many more injured are the same type of people that attacked and beheaded the sons and daughters of Ile Ife in their own homes and on their own land earlier this month.

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Beware of Yoruba tiger’s tail

THE Yorubas say that you learn how to state your case not the art of fighting. The meaning of that is that he would only fight as a last resort. The depth of his philosophy tells you that he is running from a fight not because he is a coward but for the fact that he thinks through issues and knows that it is better to avoid a fight except it becomes inevitable. When eventually he is pushed to a fight, the landmarks are indelible for ages.

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