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JENNIFER OLIZE intends to Rock the Runway!

jennifer Olize is a young enterpreneur who made up her mind as a little girl to work for herself when she grows up. Years later,after school, this promise resonate. there was no debate.Focused and determined, Jennifer, who read bussiness econoics at thereading unversity, in english and event managment at york, set to work as CEO of lereve, an event company that professes

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I live my life reaching out to the less privileged — Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa

With the large number of supporters and well wishers that followed as he made his way to the lounge of Hotel Benizier, Asaba for a date with some political associates, it was evident that Dr. Ifeanayi Okowa is, no doubt, a man of the people. Among many compelling facts was his humane upbringing that gave him a charitable heart and an enviable stance in the heart of his people.

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Let Your Dreams Emerge!

Have you ever taken time to deeply consider the following question: “What do I desire to experience in my life?” Most of us haven’t allowed ourselves this exploration. Oh, we have a vague sense of what we in life, but few can describe their vision clearly, let alone step into it.

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