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What’s Your Style – Gentlemen?

For many men dressing up can either be a walk in the park or a not so exciting expedition. Some men have the charm, the skill and the charisma to pull off a well-polished look or they find it a boring exercise hence are quite bad at dressing. For the latter shopping for clothes takes no effort they stop and buy as they see without putting any fashion sense forward. Infact some men prefer others to buy clothing gifts to avoid the whole shopping experience altogether.

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Sen. Ndume

North is not afraid of restructuring- Ndume

It depends. If Nigerians want restructuring, I have no problems with that. But it can’t be one part of the country, it must be holistic. Then, there must be a proposal, there must be constitutional amendment, there is referendum to be held before we can be talking of restructuring. Recently, Britain exited from the European Union, EU, the people didn’t fight. There was no life lost in the whole drama. Again, I don’t think we should be dwelling too much on oil. The so-called oil is gradually becoming non-fashionable. Other sources of energy are emerging everyday. Time would come when nobody would be talking about oil anymore. Meanwhile, find out the quantity of the reserves of oil in the North,you will be shocked at what we have. It is much more than what you can imagine.

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Lumumba, ex-Director of Kenya Anti-Graft Commission

Most people elected into public offices in Africa are thieves- Lumumba

I think people just try to rationalise corruption but we all know what corruption is. If you are driving on the road and you pay a policeman money to avoid prosecution, that is petty corruption. If you are in public office and you use that office for private gain, we know that is corruption. So, it is in an attempt to give a veneer of legality to corruption that we pretend we do not know what corruption is but we do. We know the people who are thieves even in our traditional societies, and we also know that those people who are taking things that dosn’t belong to them are engaging in corruption.

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Locking wives at home is not marriage- Bishop Ighele

I grew up under a highly disciplined parental guidance, which gave me my Christian background. My great grand-father had seven wives. By the time he became a Christian, he settled all the other six wives and wedded one. He gave birth to my grandfather who was also a Christian. He wedded my grandmother in church. He was looking for a Christian girl to marry and they showed him a girl in another town. In those days, people got married through match making. Then my grandfather had my father who wedded my mother in church. At some point, one of my cousins said he knew somebody from the family would rise so high. So a lot of these things prepared me. My educational background supported me for my work today in lieu of what I studied and how I focus on what I was doing. All along without my knowing, I was being shaped for what I am to deliver as far as life is concerned.

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The Shift Dress

Finding something suitable to wear that can take you from work to play could really tax your style, especially if you are not good with mixing and matching your clothes. But a day always comes in a woman’s life where she has to wear one fashion piece in two different situations. A shift dress is
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