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Feedback: Kudos to a listening govt

Our nation has just witnessed the humane action of the Federal Government distributing tonnes of seized products, these are all items that, in the past, would have long been reduced to ashes

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Buhari’s Anti-graft war is on course

EVIDENTLY, President Muhammadu Buhari is torn between two worlds: if he gets too tough, people will easily conclude that he is back to his 1984 elements. But if he relapses into his “born again” stance of democracy, he will be seen as the Go-Slow President. The erroneous conclusion is already being drawn in some quarters that Buhari is fast walking himself into becoming Nigeria’s weakest President ever.

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OGBEMUDIA: Exit of a consummate leader

MAE West was essentially right when she asserted, “You only live once but if you do it right, once is enough”. The life and times of our late Sage, Brigadier-General Samuel Osaigbovo Ogbemudia, lend full credence to West. Ogbemudia was one man who lived to the fullest. If re-incarnation were truly a fact of life, Ogbemudia’s achievements in his one life time could easily have surpassed the achievements of most men in their fourteen life times.

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Elamah’s exit from Edo Revenue Service

TRULY, everyone has an underlying philosophy of life – even those to whom the subject of philosophy is anathema. On his arrival at the Edo State Revenue House some 68 months ago, Chief Oseni Elamah made it clear that the day you arrive at a place is the same day you begin to plan your exit. That explains in large part why, throughout his stay in office, no file ever stayed on his table overnight.

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Exporting executive ailments

IN the traditional African setting, the practice was that as a man grew older, he began to farm nearer home, principally to avoid the rigour of a long walk to the farm. At that time, conventional wisdom also dictated that when a man became terminally ill, he was brought home because there was greater honour in dying at home than being brought home dead.

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Wanted: State of the Nation Address

FROM the lessons of Social Psychology, it is clear that nothing should be written-off as totally wrong because even a dead clock is correct twice everyday. All those who hate war with passion must wait till they see how war reconstruction efforts turned Hiroshima from a ghetto to an ultra-modern city after it was reduced to rubbles by the bombs of the Allied Forces in Word War II.

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