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    Matters arising from the budget


    WE are still running round in circles, doing things the same old ways and expecting different results. In all, delay is dangerous, particularly in the budgetary process.

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    Edo 2016: War of succession (3)

    AS the race for Osadebey Avenue gathers momentum, it becomes increasingly clear that the mass media must play the essential roles of educating, informing and entertaining the people. Among other things, the media has a responsibility to help the people make informed decisions and judgments.

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    Photo by Adekunle Aliyu

    The unprotected consumer

    NIGERIAN banks deserve some accolade, having come a long way from the dark ages when even the simplest bank transaction was an entire day’s job. Today, depending on how fast you can speak the language of the Automated Teller Machine, ATM, in split seconds, you are done with your banking transaction – without interacting with any human.

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    A fully loaded truck in one of the inland dry ports in the sub-region, will be delayed, harassed for bribes by the numerous security agents along the region’s transport corridor before it gets to its destination.

    Importing our exports

    By Josef Omorotionmwan WITH just a little push, Nigeria would have been able to show itself a blessed nation; but it is the lack of that essential push that has left us the way we are – impoverished! Nigeria’s development process is not only disturbing but also pathetic – a country with all the natural
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    • A gas flare site in Niger Delta

    Will gas flaring ever end?

    FIRE could be man’s best friend or his worst enemy – depending on how he uses or misuses it. This land of obvious contradictions has been caught severally on the wrong side of the use of fire – burning what should be conserved and conserving what should be burnt!

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    Naira’s flop is doomsday foretold

    EVERY corruption case in Nigeria has an expiry date. This is one clear area where we shall consistently return to His Eminence, the Emir of Kano, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, who we think can author a bestseller any day on the subject, being one Nigerian who thoroughly understands the Nigerian psyche and knows exactly when to do what.

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    NLC protest electricity tariff hike in Abuja

    Where are the Trade Unions?

    ONE permanent feature that has remained with most Nigerian workers is the pay-day ordeal. Except the few who get something by the side, for most workers, the pay-day – supposedly the day of reward for the worker’s efforts in the past one month – instead of being his happiest day turns out the saddest.

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    The growing corruption industry

    CHARLES DICKENS (1812-1870) provides the best guide when it comes to superlative degrees of comparison. In the telling paragraph of his great work, A Tale of Two Cities, his narrative remains intriguing: It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…; and for our present purpose, we may also add, it was the best of enforcement, it was the worst of enforcement.

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