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How Buhari plunged Nigeria into recession

President Buhari

Unless Buhari starts seeing himself as the father of the nation rather than a sectional mujahid (“holy” warrior), he would never get it right. He must listen to the wise words of the Senators who are telling him to rejig himself and his government away from the blunders of the past sixteen months

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Behind North’s queries to Niger Delta

ONCE again, a Northern leader issued a familiar query to his peers from the Niger Delta: what have you done with the money “channelled” to the region over the years? Hardly does a major political leader from that zone pass up the opportunity to issue this query, especially in addressing issues of resource control or demands from militant groups and other agitators for the development of the heavily-polluted oil producing areas of the country.

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Buhari not my dog

When you open the newspapers these days or log on to the internet, you are assaulted by a variety of information, and the old cliche: “the good, the bad and the ugly” wears a more dramatic toga. I did not want to believe it when the story broke that a man bought a dog and named it “Buhari”. Not only that, he inscribed the name on the sides of the dog for all to see.

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Garba Shehu

Garba Shehu’s ‘tyranny of expectations’

If not for the burden of my profession, I would not read what media aides of Nigerian public office-holders write. In most cases, they follow the same pattern of wallowing in sycophancy for their principals. They are hardly sobre and dignified in tone, nor do they truthfully address the issues at stake. There is always that “fight-back” thing, which is why some see Nigerian media aides as “attack dogs”.

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Igbo Chiefs

Yes, Ndi Igbo, ‘go home’

I READ an interesting Facebook broadcast by a friend of mine, Ray Morphy Ugba, the morning just before coming to the office to write this article. Ray is a journalist, politician, blogger and (from what I saw after the broadcast) also a musician. He hails from Cross River State, though he seems quite proud of the fact that his mother is an Igbo woman, which is why he calls Igbos “my mother’s people”.

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