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Was it an empty broadcast?

It has become the norm now for people to grumble after listening to President Goodluck Jonathan. Whether he is talking to Nigerians through his few and far between Presidential Media Chats or reading a prepared text in nationwide broadcasts on important days, many who flock to their radio and television sets often come out feeling they’ve wasted their precious time listening to the President precisely because he gives them few things to go home with.

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Bakassi: Ball now in GEJ’s court

Fresh facts that will guarantee the restoration of Bakassi Peninsula to Nigeria have been abundantly established. Vanguard Newspapers has shouted itself hoarse over the past two weeks with these facts backed up with informed opinions from a variety of well-meaning Nigerians, calling upon the Federal Government of Nigeria to take action and reopen this case at the International Court of Justice, ICJ, before the 10-year window closes forever on October 10, 2012.

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Aba: Those illegal structures must come down

Urban renewal is an activity that signposts a city is ready to leave behind the past and move into a newer phase of development. Former Singaporean leader, Lee Kwan Yew, in his famous book: From The Third World to the First, detailed the iron determination with which he fought long encrusted traditional values to build an exemplary city-state out of formerly stigmatised shanty water front settlements.

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