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ADEGOKE ADELABU PENKELEMESI: A dazzling politician, meteor and iconoclast (1915-1958)

Adelabu’s sudden exit ignited a volcanic eruption in Ibadan’s political firmament and a lot of distinguished personalities paid glowing tributes to this stormy petrel

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Ekpene Ibiabong: C-River community of skin-and-bone children

EKPENE IBIABONG—THE economic slump is taking its toll on residents, particularly children, who appear half-starved at the rustic Ekpene Ibiabong community, Odukpani Local Government Area, Cross River state, investigations by NDV has revealed. Most of the children sighted by NDV looked underfed with protruding tummies, white eyes and red hair, as if they are suffering Kwashiorkor.

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Lagos Danfo found in US restaurant With inscription: “Ojuelegba, enter with your change oh!”

Danfo Bus, a commercial mini bus painted in yellow with two black stripes at the side, is one of the realities that make Lagos notorious. Lagos can not do without it in a day as it conveys thousands of commuters within the metropolis. It is also a means of survival for the owner, the driver and the conductor. It is not out of place to see a danfo bus at a bus stop with the conductor shouting on top of his voice, “Ojuelegba, Ojuelegba straight, enter with your change oh, I no get change oh!”

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