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Mad woman becomes Choir Mistress after 35 years of insanity

Mrs Ada Jesus (left) Evang Rose Nwachukwu (right) shaved and clothed the victim; and the victim during the interview. 

According to Prophet Onyeka who spoke in his church at Oraifite, Ekwusigo Local Government Area of Anambra State, during a special dedication service where Chioma is presently worshiping, “I held Chioma by the hand as she was passing by and she shouted, ‘’hapu m!” (which means leave me alone!) and I immediately ordered her to bow down”. “Initially, she disobeyed me by repeating the command after me to also bow down but I knew I was not fighting with Sister Chioma, but the evil spirit that was tormenting her. It

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Oba Olateru Olagbegi II,

The life,times of Oba Olateru OlagbegiIi

Destiny, being a harbinger, has an uncanny hand, in the affairs and conduct of human life. Oba Olateru Olagbegi II, was Olowo of Owo, between (1941-1966) and later (1993-1998). Owo is an ancient city in the present day Ondo state of Nigeria. The town- Owo derives its name from its first ruler named “Ojugbelu” because of his pleasant manner.   He was a respectful, amiable and humble monarch. This was how the name of the town “Owo”, which means “respectful” was derived.

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Mbaka steals show as deacon is ordained priest after 19 years

Imagine this! It takes you about eight or nine years to pursue an academic course. On the year of graduation, you are told to wait while your mates graduate. The waiting game continues for 19 years and you are still patient, waiting for that final exercise to accord you the full regalia of your calling. Such patience is phenomenal and may only be derived from spiritual strength. If you add the number of years in school, then you are talking about 28 years!

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Mrs. Oluwamayo Ojumah

How married woman made First Class after 16 years in 4 varsities

CALL it phenomenal and you may not be faulted as it comes as a story of travails, vision and triumphs. Powered by the desire of a young lady, Mrs. Oluwamayo Ojumah to translate 16-year old personal misfortunes into success stories, the narrative is hardly possible in the Nigerian society where the virtue of perseverance has lost its practical meaning.
Ojumah’s experience is such that motivational speakers and writers would find handy in buttressing their ‘’better yourselves” topics.

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L- Aminat and Aishat daughters of Alhaji Ibrahim Nuhu, aged 12 and 10, who both died of headache ands abdominal pains within four days interval  & Dickson, aged 15, son of Mr Joshua Abuwata who died of headache, confirmed died on arrival at a hospital

Mysterious headache, stomach pain kill 16 in Abuja community

Mysterious headache and stomach pains have killed 16 children and youths in Saburi 1, a village opposite Mopol Barracks along Kubwa expressway, Abuja. Saturday Vanguard on Thursday visited the palace of the Chief of the village, Alhaji Mohammed Yamawo who was said to have traveled out of Abuja for an urgent assignment. Speaking to Saturday Vanguard on the development, the Son of the village Chief, Alhaji Halidu Mohammed confirmed that 16 persons whose ages ranged between 10 and 25 years had been officially reported at the palace to have died within the last two weeks.

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How six Catholic seminarians died in auto crash

It was a dark day last Monday for the entire Vincentian community of the Catholic Church as they were thrown into mourning as six philosophy seminarians of the congregation died in a motor accident with eleven others sustaining various degree of injuries. The Vincentian philosophy students were travelling from Ikot-Ekpene, Akwa-Ibom State to attend a compulsory human development programme scheduled at Enugu. But unfortunately, this could not be as one of the two 16-seater buses conveying them had a burst tyre at Otu-Ozara just a few kilometers away to their destination.

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Isiaka Oladipupo and  Sunbo Olanrewaju...
Both met two years ago and today, they are together in a matrimony though in an uncompleted building at Bayeku, Ikorodu

Man, 80, marries for the first time in Lagos

At 80, one expects a person to be on marital holiday, to be enjoying the fruits of his labour but this is not the case with Isiaka Oladipupo, an octogenarian who for the first time in his life time got married to a 70 year- old woman Sunbo Olanrewaju. Isiaka met his heartthrob about two years ago and today, they are together in a matrimony though in an uncompleted building at Bayeku, Ikorodu.

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•The four children killed

How Nigeria’s military killed my 4 children in one night – ABU lecturer

“On the following day, my eldest son called to tell me that there were corpses everywhere and he was among the few surviving souls in the place. I encouraged him to keep praying and as we were talking, he informed me that they were approaching him with guns and that he isn’t sure his father will get to speak with him again . Shortly after, the line went off. He was also killed.

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•With Sister, Bridget

Nigeria’s celebrated Siamese twin tells her life story

It is not about then and now. It is the Nigerian factor. It pains me to see people who do not have these special qualities running around hospitals. Nurses should never look at the monetary gains when it is not so. I wish to appeal to Nigerian nurses to be kind to patients because we, as human beings, are all patients. Kindness to patients contributes to the healing process. A nurse must try to put up a smile even when he or she is tired and unhappy.

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My husband took our daughter to unknown destination, six yrs now

Lagos–There was mild drama at a customary court sitting at Agboyi, Ketu, when, the President of the court, O.T Williams slammed a respondent, Mr Jonathan Mbadihe with contempt of court. Mbadihe was dragged to court by his wife, Amakaý, who is seeking the dissolution of their 17 year old marriage, on the grounds that her estrange husband always steals her money, does not care for the family financially and physically, threat her life, no more love and also for taking their 16 year old daughter to an unknown destination for over six years.

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Ibadan Firsts

Ibadan: Nigeria’s home of many Firsts

The writings of D.O Fagunwa in Ibadan, encouraged the writings of Amos Tutuola, a barely literate man, who was born in 1920 in Abeokuta, but lived his life in Ibadan, until his death at the age of 77 in 1997. Amos Tutuola, was a Store keeper, with the Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation in 1956. Despite his short formal education, he joined the Ibadan Writers Elite- the Mbari Mbayo Club of Ulli Beier and Wole Soyinka. He was the author of the popular book “The Palm-wine Drunkard” in 1952.

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Ogun residents, investors groan under bad roads

Except Ogun State governor, Senator Ibikunle Amosun comes to the aide of both the residents and business owners in the state, they would continue to groan over the bad roads that litter the State. Vanguard gathered that, the governor had boasted to make the State an eldorado by fixing most of the roads in the state, but, the cash crunch bedeviling the State crippled the plan.

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David Onyedikachi Okechukwu, the boy-with-Hole-in-heart

Help! 2-year-old boy born with hole-in-the-heart cries out

UMUAHIA—THE family of Mr. and Mrs. Mr. Okechukwu Onumkpu has cried out to Nigerians to help save the life of their two year old son, David Onyedikachi Okechukwu, a hole in the heart patient. The electrician father and petty vegetable trader mother of David who hail from Amokwe Obayi Ovim in Isuikwuato Local Government Area of Abia State, said that they discovered with shock that the last of their three children and has developed a life-threatening ailment which their pocket could not handle and are there seeking financial help from good spirited Nigerians.

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