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Lt Col Abu Ali

Late Lt Col Abu-Ali

He fought for the glory of nation and was unshakable in his steely resolve to retain the territorial integrity of Nigeria – a price that came with the sacrifice of his life in the line of duty

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Oluwafemi Afolayan and our Ogaga Otaotu during the chat at the Buka

Lagos Danfo found in US restaurant With inscription: “Ojuelegba, enter with your change oh!”

Danfo Bus, a commercial mini bus painted in yellow with two black stripes at the side, is one of the realities that make Lagos notorious. Lagos can not do without it in a day as it conveys thousands of commuters within the metropolis. It is also a means of survival for the owner, the driver and the conductor. It is not out of place to see a danfo bus at a bus stop with the conductor shouting on top of his voice, “Ojuelegba, Ojuelegba straight, enter with your change oh, I no get change oh!”

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