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September 19, 2018

Murray-Bruce offers Lady with poetic pidgin English, Kate Dekpe SilverbirdTV job – Reno

Murray-Bruce offers Lady with poetic pidgin English, Kate Dekpe SilverbirdTV job – Reno

Kate Dokpe

By Anthony Ogbonna

Following the video posted by the number one bestselling author and former aide to ex-President Goodluck Jonathan, Pastor Reno Omokri who later rallied financial support and opened an account for Kate Dokpe, the Senator representing Bayelsa East senatorial district, Senator Ben Murray-Bruce has offered Dekpe a job at SilverbirdTV as a newscaster.

Kate Dokpe

Dokpe is to cast news in Pidgin English.

Last week, Kate Dekpe, a resident of Oviri-Agbarho, a community hit by flood in Delta state, came in the news after she creatively narrated to Quest News, in pidgin English, how she lost her 300 birds to flood.

According to Dekpe in the video interview, “The flood started gradually. When It first started, I thought it affected just my neighbour. I did not know it will get to my house.

As I am speaking to you right now, I lost over 300 fowls. Please, let the government come to our aid,” Dekpe said in Pidgin English.

Impressed by her creative narration, Pastor Omokri had sought for her and later rallied financial support for her. According to Omokri, “I have found her!!! The lady with the poetic pidgin English. Her name is Kate Dekpe.

She lost almost all her earthly possessions, but she did not lose her grit. I have asked her to open an account in her name. When she does so, I urge all my followers to donate.”

Also, on Wednesday, Pastor Omokri also revealed that Senator Bruce has, after watching his video of Dekpe, called him to offer the lady a job at SilverbirdTV.

According to Omokri, “Good news for Kate Dekpe. Distinguished Senator Ben Murray-Brice heard her speak her poetic pidgin on the video I pasted on my Facebook profile and just called me to offer her a job as a pidgin English newscaster on SilverbirdTV. If she accepts, she can start work immediately.”