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Open letter to Nigeria Governors’ Forum

President Muhammadu Buhari flanked by Vice President Yemi Osinbajo and the Chairman Goverbors' Forum, Governor Abdulaziz Yari of Zamfara State while Governor Akinwumi Ambode 0f Lagos State (l); Governor Emmanuel Udom of Akwa Ibom State (r) joined other State Executives in a group photograph after the first meeting between the President and State Governors at the Presidential Villa, Abuja. Photo by Abayomi Adeshida

“…I approached the President and the governors that we defer the loan deductions from the Federation Accounts entitlement….The aim of this is to ensure that we support them through this difficult period to be able to meet salary obligations.” Minister of Finance, April 21, 2016.

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Mr President, should we wait to be killed or fight?

From Agatu to Akure to Aba the story is the same. For that matter from Abia to Zamfara states and the Federal Capital Territory, the Federal government and its security agencies have apparently created two classes of Nigerians – herdsmen and the rest of us. Notice, please that I did not add Fulani because they are not all Fulani or even all Nigerians. The reason is simple, I was once a cattle owner and several of the nomads engaged by the later supervisor, Yinusa Idi, who lived in a settlement near Gezawa in Kano State, were Fulani or Nigeriens.

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National Chairman All Progressives Congress, Chief Odigie Oyegun congratulating the Minister for Transportation, Hon. Chibuike Amaechi while Chairman Nigeria Governors' Forum, Governor Abdulaziz Yari of Zamfara State (l) and Patron, Newspapers Proprietors Association of Nigeria, Malam Ismaila Isa watched during the swear-in ceremony of the newly composed Federal Executive Council at the Aso Chambers, Presidential Villa, Abuja. Photo by Abayomi Adeshida 11/11/2015

Focus on Buhari’s cabinet

They can still be called a cabinet now; but, if care is not taken they will be regarded as a circus. Buhari had created a world record – five months — assembling “a dream team”. Five months is a long time to accomplish what other global leaders historically had finished in less than a month. So, something extra-ordinary was expected from the delay. Instead, what emerged was a team which is remarkable for the ordinariness of most of its members.

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How Obasanjo’s Govt Looted Abacha Loot (2)

After running down the EFCC on that day, Obasanjo heaped praises on the EFCC under his own administration and its Chairman, Malam Nuhu Ribadu. It is quite understandable that Obasanjo should be happy with Ribadu who, unknown to most people who still heap praises on him was mostly incompetent and might have committed treason. He was also Obasanjo’s protector; he averted his gaze from obvious misdeeds of Obasanjo, supported the third term agenda and hoped to be rewarded with his own second term in office. Before presenting the charges against Ribadu, there is need to continue the list of Abacha family loot forfeited under Decree No 53 of May 1999 and which were handed over to Obasanjo’s government by General Abubakar.

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Olusegun Obasanjo

How Obasanjo’s Govt Looted Abacha Loot

Are you aware that in addition to the four refineries in Nigeria – Portharcourt I and II, Warri and Kaduna, this country also had a 30 per cent interest in West African Refinery, Sierra Leone which was handed over to President Obasanjo’s government in 1999? Are you also aware that has Obasanjo so far failed to account for that national assets and its disposal, he was handed a list of assets forfeited by Abacha to the Federal Government on May 26, 1999 – in the last decree –Decree No. 53 – which was the last signed by General Abdulsalami Abubakar as Head of State, Commander-In-Chief of the Armed Forces, Federal Republic of Nigeria? Are you also aware that other Abacha loot, returned between 1999 and May 2007, when Obasanjo was forced to step aside, remain unaccounted for and might have been re-looted? Prepare yourself for a shock – if it is still possible to be shocked in Nigeria by anything done by leaders of the PDP who had access to the corridors of power – especially the self-righteous Obasanjo. His administration established the template for looting Abacha loot. But, permit first a diversion – a necessary one.

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Buhari’s all stick and no carrots government

One of the “bad” habits of professional economists is the tendency to quantify virtually everything. They develop metrics for assessing real human experiences in a manner that reveals certain truths which might be hidden from others. Like most Nigerians, it was clear to me, as a strong supporter of Buhari, long before the 2015 presidential elections that we might be electing a military-style disciplinarian.

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Why Buhari should stop wasting his/our time

It is one of the axioms of management carved on stone by the management guru Peter Drucker, that nothing is more wasteful than doing diligently what should not be done at all – especially when the step to be taken is based on anger – which might not even be justified. Reading that statement credited to Buhari again, one is immediately struck with the irony involved in the historical precedents the President cited. Budgets by military governments at Federal and State levels were never debated nor were they passed to another body to approve. So, if there was padding, nobody would ever know.

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Adieu perfect gentleman Professor Rokosu

Seldom does one come across an individual about whom all those who knew him in life have nothing but good things to say. Professor Ajibade Abayomi Rokosu, “IROKO”, 1940-2016, had just completed one the most amazingly blessed lives anybody can dream of and spent. When good Prof passed away, late last month, he left everybody wondering if it is possible he could pass their way again.

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Former President Goodluck Jonathan

Jonathan Presidency was a disaster foretold (2)

Sam Rayburn, whose protégé was the late President Lyndon Johnson, 1908-1973, who was Senator, Vice-President and President in 1963 when late President John Kennedy, 1917-1963, was assassinated in Texas, Johnson’s own state, was perhaps the most powerful Speaker ever in America’s history. He was also a Texan. If a President of Nigeria is ever killed in the home state of his Vice-President, a civil war would follow. Some of us who remember that episode in 1963 which brought Johnson to power, were praying extra-hard that nothing would happen to Buhari on his visit to Ogun State, early in the month. A civil war would have followed if something similar happened. I hope Buhari stays away from Ogun State; or the South West for that matter until his tenure expires.

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Shiite Muslims march on the highway during a symbolic procession commemorating the 40th anniversary of the Ashura religious ceremony on November 27, 2015 in the village of Dakasoye, northern Nigeria, following a suicide bombing attack. At least 21 people were killed on November 27 when a suicide bomber blew himself up in the crowds at a Shia Muslim procession near the north Nigerian city of Kano, in the latest violence to hit the troubled region.. AFP

Before Kaduna State explodes – 1

Our country is bleeding profusely from the blows inflicted on it by the apparently unending Boko Haram insurgency; another possibly prolonged round of blood-letting has started with the pro-Biafra movement which recently claimed reportedly over twenty lives in Aba on February 7, 2016. The last thing we need now is another religious conflict; and certainly not in Kaduna state. Yet, the stage is being set, even if inadvertently, for one. That would constitute the mother of all tragedies to befall Nigeria.

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Open letter to Minister of Information and President (1)

Once Buhari was declared the winner of the presidential election in 2015, everybody’s thought turned to the persons who would be appointed ministers and the portfolio they would be given. In every forum in which the discussions took place, and despite the long delay in announcing his appointees, I declared that one name would be on the list and the portfolio he would be saddled with. The man is Lai Mohammed – the Minister of Information and Culture. Let me quickly add that I also felt it would be a mistake to offer him that portfolio. The reasons were very simple and let me set them out now.

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Wanted: A new national political party (3)

Political marriages variously called alliances, coalitions or accords are invariably the greatest risks of all. The “marriage” between the CPC and ACN which formed the nucleus of the APC reminds me of what happened to another marriage in Dorchester, Boston, USA in 1974. The two “lovers” desperate for marital bliss, but not financially strong individually agreed to pool their resources to make a go of their wedlock.

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