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Rights of older persons @ Int’l Day of Older persons

DO the elderly ones have any right? What are their ri-ghts? Who cares for them? How are we exp-ected to treat the older persons? Do we know that one day we all will be-come old? Do we even know that the way we treat the older persons today is the way the younger ones will treat us when we become old? If that is the case, we must prepare for our fu-ture by upholding the rights of the older pers-ons.

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WORLD TEACHERS DAY: Who is a qualified teacher – Rev. Fr. Damian Adizie

As teachers all over the world are being celebrated today, October 5, many questions in people’s mind is ‘has they been celebrated enough? Considering the importance and indispensable role of teachers a day has been set aside as World Teacher’s Day. Thepurpose of this celebration is to acknowledge the role of teachers in the society and also to evaluate and enhance the well-being of teachers in our society.

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