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Faith in the Redemptive names of God (5)

We commenced the treatment of the Name Jehovah Adonai in our last serial, and it stirred up our faith and worship of God as our Sovereign Father, who has got the whole world, and consequently our own lives and times in His Hands. Jesus Christ is God’s ultimate revelation for this Name, because in Isaiah 9:6, one of His Covenant Names is The Everlasting Father. He is the Ancient Ruler, whose Kingdom shall have no end. (Luke 1:33)

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The mystery of the two Beasts in Revelation 13:1

IN this revelation, John the Revelator saw a beast, rising up out of the sea, having seven heads and 10 horns and he saw upon his horns, 10 crowns and upon his heads, the names of blasphemy. In verse 2b, John saw that the dragon (the devil) gave his power and his seat and his authority to the beast, so that, through him, the people would begin to worship him (the Dragon, the devil).

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Adeoye, security chiefs, pastors, kidnapped

Attack on Adeboye unfair, says PFN

PRESIDENT of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, (PFN), Rev. Felix Omobude has said that those calling for the suspension of the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG, Pastor Enoch Adeboye for not taking a stance on RUGA and Leah Sharibu’s abduction and other national issues were ill-advised.

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As God saw everything to be good (3)

IF God saw everything created to be good and even very good, we also should accept all His works as good, no matter what our perception may be. Consequently, we should consider whoever he places above us to be good because God allows it to be so and God’s decision is good and must not be seen as evil. Whosoever is your leader must be seen as good because God cannot make mistake, even though there may be something you don’t like in his styles of leadership, you should put it in prayers. If you follow any person with a negative perception the person will turn to be negative.

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