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Code of ethics for pastors (4)

If you and I con-stantly fluctuate—wand-ering back and forth and in and out of faith — we will never reap anything enduring for the Kingdom of God. To produce powerful results, we must be constant in our commitments. We must be “steady-as-she-goes” — fixed, unchanging, and steadfast. It’s all part of being diligent.

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The Miracle of God’s Supernatural Touch (3)

In spite of all the places you have visited, traditional medicine have not healed you, and even though you have gone to numerous places, scientific prescriptions have not been better; it is also a fact that you have visited many places and they have recommended that you buy their water and oil, which you have purchased and drank. Yet your problems still remain daunting as a mountain.

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Christmas and demonisation of Christ

Jesus Christ is the authentic Messiah and unblemished signet on the escutcheon of all Christians. He is the generalissimo of the cosmogony and the dymistifier of the tetragramation. Although the exact date of his birth remain scripturally hazy. But the commemoration of the birth of the great son of the living God, the Prince of Peace is fundamentally obligatory and critically crucial for all Christians.

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