April 7, 2024

People exploiting social media to blackmail men of God —Prophet Fufeyin

People exploiting social media to blackmail men of God —Prophet Fufeyin

Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin

Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin, 52, founder of Christ MercyLand Church, also known as The Arena of Solution and Power, headquartered at Kilometre 5, Effurun-Warri, Sapele Road, with branches across the country, including a 500, 000 capacity auditorium in Abuja; in this interview, barred his mind on sundry issues, which include blackmail of clerics, governance, body of Christ in Nigeria and the progress and achievements of the church. Excerpts:

Tell us about the Prophetic Academy of the Church as it concerns the scandal?

It’s nothing much. Our Prophetic training was what some unbridled elements misinterpreted to suit their ungodly desire for negative news. We were actually on the spiritual identification of colours during one of the training sessions. I was directly touching the trainees, who were asked to mention colours as presented to them. They did very well but to whom it was strange, it was a good news but for those mischievous elements. It was an avenue to drag the name of the Prophet in the mud in their evil desires. In this ministry, we have no consideration for gender, we all are same and it was in that spirit, I touched the trainees one after the other having thrown white handkerchief at over 12 of them but the corrupt minds took me up on why a lady was touched. She wasn’t the only one there, why that session made news to those desperate to purvey negatives against Christ MercyLand Deliverance Ministry is what baffled me.

Using the social media, what they do is to twist a story against religious leaders, cut and join videos and air it to trend, retail their lies for money-making purposes. We counsel them to change from turning their negative opinions and misconceptions to facts and serve lies to their readers. They have a mindsets of blackmail and negative narratives against men of God.

Do you intend to prosecute those who defame you like we see some men of God react to defamation?

Arrest of blackmailers or slanderers is not a bad thing to do because we have our individual way of reacting to issues. Arresting and prosecution of offenders takes its root from the bible. In the book of Mathew, we are admonished to arrest such characters, who find occupation in blackmail. Another option is that of prayer, which we do but I don’t blame those who arrest blackmailers.

Prophet Fufeyin, with this labyrinth of scandals, are you in any way embattled or agitated?

I can never be embattled in the course of carrying out the mission of the Lord Jesus Christ not even with their conspiracy of blackmail. I stand shoulder higher above their evil plots to derail the work of God. We are trudging on strongly to fulfill our destinies in our Lord Jesus Christ. Again, I can never be embattled…

You are adjudged as been very generous, yet, your Ministry expands by the day, what is the secret?

Jesus Christ is the secret! Christ MercyLand Deliverance Ministry has no other secret apart from the owner of the vineyard. He has empowered us to carry on without impediments and ours is win souls for the heavenly kingdom and that’s why His Church blossoms on daily basis to the glory of God. The 500000 capacity worship centre in Abuja is just a tip of the iceberg, we have so many good tidings up our sleeps and we shall deliver it one after the other as the Lord pleases.

What’s your take on the governance in Nigeria?

The Holy Bible told us to obey and pray for our leaders and that what we do here. We tell God to take the steering of governance and direct our leaders aright just as we pray for divine anointing for the chosen ones. The government is doing its best but we pray God takes control of our nation. Let’s pray for our leaders.

Welfare of members?

The Christ MercyLand Deliverance Ministry has a bumper welfare package for members and this speaks to the reason you see happy members here. Ours is a household of God, we care for all and that happens to one, happens to all. On that philosophy we stand as a body Christ.

As founder of one of the fastest growing Christian congregations in the country, what have been your challenges so far?

The mission and commission of our Lord Christ viz a viz our clime and the growing influence of Western civilisation on our people is a big challenge but surmountable. It is surmountable in the sense that He that called me into His vineyard neither sleeps nor slumber. He does the job for me, mine is just to carry out my father’s directives and it is done. I carefully listen to Christ Jesus when He instructs and immediately the assignment is carried out. This is mission and the Commission of the God of Christ Mercyland Prophetic Ministry.

Would you say you are fulfilled since being in the vineyard delivering messages of salvation to your marmot crowd that troops in here?

Yes, I am fulfilled but would be more fulfilled when the last sinner is brought to my father who is in heaven. Salvation, Deliverance and prophesy are the pillars of our mission and that we have been effectively doing but our success story shall lie on the capacity of this Church to bring more sinners into salvation.

What’s your take on the issue of tithe and offering in the church?

Tithe and offering are biblical injunctions for the body of Christ but its compliance is optional depending on your relationship with God. In this Church, its not compulsory because we don’t depend on it to develop and grow Christ MercyLand Deliverance Ministry.

How do you fund the church?

The church is self-funding, even though we don’t get grants or aids from government or individuals but we have our own gainful ventures through which the Church is funded. For instance, I have multiple sources of income through which I invest in the commission God has rested on my shoulders as a leader if this Ministry. To give to the church is voluntary and we appreciate same but Christ MercyLand Deliverance Ministry will not task anyone by a way of tithe and offering and that’s nit to say, it’s bad.

Christ MercyLand Deliverance Foundation?

We’ve never collected a kobo from from the government or from international donor agencies but rely on what we can do to grow the Foundation and for this, we have been happy doing what we are doing.

What other businesses do you have?

I have so many other businesses like the Apostles of old did. You can see my large fish ponds and that’s just one out of the many we have across sectors but I won’t reveal others.

You have been in the news on issues bothering on suspicion of romance with female members, what’s your take?

Yes, most news about my person or this ministry were concocted with doctored videos and reports by reporters to suit their narratives. Particularly, the online platforms have been in the habit of doing this. They cut short videos and run it disjointedly to defame men of God including I, for reasons of blackmail. But we keep praying for them to change.