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Man created to eat, serve and die

IT is imperative for people to work before they can eat. If you don’t work, you cannot eat. God worked and now enjoying the work He did. Therefore people must work before they can eat. Looking at this world both spiritually and physically, in doing work and utterances what can make a person’s glory shine is prayer and hard work.

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How to resolve marital conflicts

So many people may not have the charisma or grace to settle with themselves when there is a case, not to talk of settling with oth-ers. There are many peo-ple who are so good in keeping silence with their partners or keeping malice with each other, some of them will say “Even if my dead mother rises from death, I will not talk to him/her”, some will say “till Jes-us comes”, all this attitude destroys marriages.

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DAY 196: 6 months after: Sharibus’ anguish continues

THE Federal Government was recently revisited the February 19 adoption of 112 young schoolgirls from their Government Girls Technical College, Dapchi in Yobe State, when it debunked reports that the Nigerian authorities paid huge sums as ransom for the sensational release of 105 Muslim girls on March 21 leaving behind the lone Christian victim because the teen refused to denounce her faith.

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