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In event management, safety is vital – Ayo Olayinka

Ayo Olayinka is the CEO of Bold Idea, a media/entertainment company, with emphasis on radio, television and social assignments that specializes on event management, adult/ children’s parties, carnivals and coverage of special occasions. With an experienced crew made up of radio producers, television directors and camera operators, the company has consistently organized successful events especially children events.

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Youth restiveness is a fall-out of failed parenting – Iyabo Ladipo

A Lawyer turned parenting coach, Mrs.Iyabo Ladipo is also the CEO of Double Portions Bakery in Lagos. She is very passionate about bringing up children with the right values, because she believes that the laissez-faire attitude of parents towards the grooming the children is largely responsible for the breakdown of order in the society. She shared this with Vista Woman recently.

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Re: After Women’s Day Celebrations

It was a nice surprise to have reactions from men on this topic. I hadn’t expected any, because, usually, women’s issues are not regarded serious matters in this country. Once in a while, a few concessions concerning women may be made to ‘humour’ them/ ‘keep’ them quiet, but at no time, so far, are women’s issues taken up with a lot of concern and commitment. However, if men feel obliged enough to write in, concerning our issues, there’s hope for the future. They probably are beginning to realize that we do matter in the scheme of things.

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For constructive development, improve your rural base – Elizabeth Jibuno

A lady with great focus, Mrs.Elizabeth Jibuno is very concerned about the plight of rural dwellers, and she blames their pitiable state which has led to the increase in rural-urban migration lately, on a lack of support from absent indigenes. In an encounter with Vista Woman recently, Mrs.Jibuno shared how she has in the last four years, together with her family, contributed her own quota to the development of her rural origin.

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‘In Nigeria, there’s no criminal justice for women’- Mrs Effa-Chukwuma

The Executive Director of Project Alert on Violence Against Women, Mrs.Josephine Effa Chukwuma is one woman who has been in the vanguard of promoting social justice, especially for abused women and girls in this interview, Mrs.Chukwuma laments the weakness of the Nigerian criminal justice system, attributing it to the rise in acts of gender-based violence in the country. Excerpts:

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Rotarians are never tired of giving service – Mrs Adedibu

I joined the Rotary Club of Satellite in 2005. My husband is a Rotarian and I think I was impressed by his commitment. I’ve always had this passion for giving- which is the core of Rotary, therefore, I didn’t find it difficult to decide on joining the club because in Rotary, you must give your time, resources, self and all to serving humanity. As a Rotarian, you’re never tired of giving.

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