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Why we deserve to be armed-NSCDC

For long, it was often identified with different a number of derogatory names, the most common being ‘Guguru Defence’. In spite of the fact that the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps, NSCDC, prides itself as having recorded remarkable achievements over the years, the organisation is still being regarded in many quarters as a mere idle band of volunteer ex-service men and expired members of the once revered Boy Scouts bent on seeking relevance.

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Re: Violence against women

Madam, husbands that beat up their wives or abuse them verbally, are simply mad. They are crazy, because they tend to forget that their wives bear and nurture their children, cook for them, wash their clothes, keep their houses clean and keep them warm on their beds. This sort of men should be detained in Psychiatric hospitals until they are cured of their madness and finally jailed for assault and battery, to serve as a deterrent to others.
—Ifeka Okonkwo’

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More of Oshiomhole’s bashing

FROM my modest academic background in communication studies, and perhaps more importantly, from my more than two decades in book marketing and more recently, complex engineering laboratories equipment to engineering faculties, I can authoritatively assert that when a product is well packaged or has a Unique Selling Preposition (USP), the job of the professional marketers becomes a matter of routine.

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Exit of the black beauty and trailblazer!

Whatever people may think, feel or say, the name Mrs Maryam Babangida is firmly entrenched in the history of Nigeria, and for many decades to come, it will remain on the list of the eminent Nigerian women who did their best to raise the status of the Nigerian woman. How? For making the elevation of the Nigerian woman her principal project, throughout her tenure as the First Lady of Nigeria.

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Re: Bogged down by greed and selfishness

All nine NDDC states in conjunction with the multi-national oil companies operating in their domain should be compelled by the Federal Government to build at least one modern refinery in the oil producing communities, to provide jobs for the youths and most especially, for the repentant ex-militants. By the way, it’s true that coconuts from Ghana are sweet and fleshy. From Celestine, mnse,frc’

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