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I have resentment against same sex relationships – Pastor Ruth Essien


In this concluding part of our interview with the Founder/Presiding Pastor of Exodus Evangelical Ministry, Pastor(Mrs.)Ruth Essien, she explores the real reasons why people should go into marriage, and queries the motive behind the desire of those in same sex relationship, for the right to adopt children. Her words:

Now, let’s look at the actual reasons why people should get married. First of all, if you’re a woman, you should bear in mind that you’re getting married because you need a man to complement you. God says He made them male and female. So, in the marriage, know that you’re a female; not a male. You’re not to take your husband’s position and he is not to take yours. So, you must remain a female in your attitude, carriage, tone, communication, etc. A female is a female!

Pastor Ruth Essien

But in the world today, because some women make more money than their partners, they suddenly want to become the man in the house. Some people may say they’re incomplete without being married. In my own personal opinion, you’re are not, since He made them male and female according to the scripture. However, there are people who have made up their minds to remain single for Christ.

The second reason for getting married is so that you can help somebody; not so that somebody can help you. I know people don’t like this, but that is the truth.

If you go into marriage for somebody to ‘make’ you, you will eventually leave when he or she is unable to meet up with your expectations. You hear young ignorant girls say they need men with money who can really take care of them. Tell me, what’s wrong with their hands that they cannot take care of themselves even when they have jobs? That means you are useless from the beginning. This is one reason why marriages break up!

Again, we seem to have neglected the manual for marriage, which is the Bible. Many people now try to have their own personal manual for it, but this cannot work because you need a manufacturer’s manual to be able to handle his product, and marriage is God’s product and institution. If you go by the rules of God which are embedded in the Bible, you will not be ruled out of the game.

Another reason for getting married is for procreation; to replenish the earth. Somebody gave birth to you, and you will one day leave the earth, so you have to fill that gap. If everybody gets married and refuses to have children, God wouldn’t need to come end the earth because it will end itself.

One other reason for getting married is so that you can make somebody happy. Even when your day may have been spoilt by the hustle and bustle of the society, when you get home, there should be somebody to make you feel happy; someone who is close to your heart, has confidence in you and is in fact closer to you than anybody else. That’s what’s unique about a proper marriage.

However, you shouldn’t get married to someone who has no vision or is irresponsible. A man should come into a marriage because he wants to lift the woman, and the woman too should come into it because she also wants to lift the man. Both parties should come into marriage with something, and should be useful to the other partner. When God took the bone out of the man, He took it without any flesh but He didn’t return it in that same way.

He sent back the bone as a built human. Hence, when Adam saw the bone, he said, “This is the bone of my bone, and the flesh of my flesh”. So, any woman that is going into marriage must go with flesh (something); with her career, goal, vision, etc. because that’s where her respect is.

For my women ministry, ‘Women after Revival’, I believe that God is using me to raise godly women leaders in the society. I go with the command of God which says “…be fruitful, multiply, replenish the earth…” All our women are making great strides in various endeavours. I also have the Winning Couples, a programme which I organize specially for married couples. We are looking at setting up a resource centre for married couples so as to save many from the scourge of divorce.

One issue that I find bewildering in our society today is anal sex. The anus was not created for sex. Hence, it doesn’t have the natural tendency for lubricating itself. But the vagina has! It lubricates itself to allow penetration. The dangers of anal sex are many, and it is because of ignorance that some young couples engage themselves in it.I’ve witnessed cases where the anus gets torn! Some people even end up having infections which make them unable to hold excreta and urine, and they then have to wear pampers! Yes, it’s that’s bad and it’s real in our society!

If God wanted only males, He wouldn’t have created the female, and vice-versa. So, how come even though we have females and males; some people choose to get married to same sex? The most disturbing thing about this is that they want to adopt children!

If every human being marries from his/her sex, who will give birth to babies, and where will same sex couples go to adopt children from? Isn’t that bewildering? I hear of gay couples who actually pay a female to get pregnant with the semen of one of the gay partners so as to bring forth a child.

If they feel their choice of a partner is right, why then do they need a child from a female? This attitude is a sin against God! How will gay couples have babies if a male and a female do not come together, and why are they fighting for the right to adopt babies?

When you raise a child in a gay atmosphere, that child may end up a gay. I suspect that’s the motive of these gays. They are trying to impart their doctrine into the next generation by catching them young, because they know that that is the best way to convert a human being! These babies will also grow up to influence other children. There’s no evidence to support the claim that some people are born to have a same sex relationship.

As an adult, we are all free to decide our destiny, but the idea of attempting to pass on our negative ideas into the next generation is what should be seriously resisted by all concerned.’




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