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A scorned lovers wicked idea of revenge

By Candida
Years back, a certain celebrity with too much money to burn had this reputation of picking his women virtually from the gutter and turning them into respectable companions. One step out of line and such women were dragged down to where they came from – stripped of everything decent he had bought with his own money.

Thank goodness more of today’s women can boast of a few kobos of their own. The poser then is, if you’re richer than your man, how does he seek revenge when you unceremoniously show him the door?

Tinu was a divorced mother of two when she met Wale through her mechanic. ‘’I’d just bought a car of my dream and left word I wanted to sell the old one”, she said. “My mechanic brought Wale to inspect the car and he fell in love with it.

Unfortunately, the car was a bit out of his price range. He haggled and pleaded but there was no way I was selling it cheaper than it was worth. He was an interior decorator and it was decided he would renovate the showroom of my business to cover the outstanding amount. That was how he more or less warmed his way into my affection and we became a couple. He was a great lover and in time, moved into my house. He only went home for a change of clothing and to supervise his two siblings that still lived there.

“After I had his son, he became complacent. He loved hanging out with his friends and he loved his drinks, but if I went out with my friends, he’d rant that I was cheating.

Things got to a point where our lovemaking was almost non-existent. I was no longer in love with him so I advised him to stop coming to my house. He was stunned when I took his things back to his flat. “You’ll never meet anyone like me, bitch.!” he snarled. But who cared? I was free! Whenever he came to see his son, he would throw angry jibes at me, wanting to know who I was sleeping with, but I simply ignored him.

“Some weeks later however, I ran into Kanbi, a mate he usually came to my showroom with to give him a hand when he was renovating the place. I hadn’t seen him in a couple of years and he was looking really dishy. He told me his wife had passed on and I was really sorry he’d gone through so much pain. He asked if he could call on me now Wale was history. I told him if Wale discovered I’d started seeing another man, let alone his mate, he’d go mad.

Kanbi said he would be careful as he really fancied me and wasn’t that much of a friend of Wale’s. So he came round secretly and his love making was superb. He’d awakened me sexually and I started wearing sexy undies once more.

“A few months later, my new found happiness became threatened when Wale texted: I, know about you and KanbI, you slut! How could he find out, we were

so careful! Kanbi came round and I showed him the text, telling him I would deny it. But he showed me a text from Wale warning him to always watch his back whenever he was out. And he’d replied, telling Wale we’d never wanted to hurt him. He was furious A few days later, my housemaid rang me at work that I should come home immediately as Wale was in my bedroom. By the time I got home, he’d left. I was shocked to find all my designer sun glasses crumpled on the bedroom floor.

My expensive shirts and blouses had their arms ripped off. My expensive knickers and silk negligees were all torn to shreds. A lot of cash was missing too. “Kanbi came over the instant I called him. He was as shocked as I was. Was this Wale’s idea of revenge? Destroying everything that made me feel feminine and sexy?

Kanbi went to police to lodge a complaint and brought some policemen over. I cringed as they looked through the evidence – my shredded undies and blouses. Wale was ordered to report at the Police Station and when he did, he told them arrogantly that it was a domestic affair.

That because I was a rich woman, I treated him badly after I’d finished using him, and didn’t even allow him to see his son, which wasn’t true. As for the cash he took, he said l owed him some money and that was the only way he could get his money back.

He then told them the sob story about .the friend he personally brought to the house, stabbing him in the back and stealing his wife from him. .’

“Wasn’t there a limit to the man’s shame? The police were obviously on his side. I was chided for giving the impression I was robbed when it was my husband with a key to the house that had come into a house he’d always been free to visit. They classed my case as a domestic affair they seldom interfere in as both parties tend to over~dramatize the issue. Did I want the father of my child to be charged to court? For what? As if that wasn’t enough, everyone in our neighborhood knew every detail of my tangled love life. ‘How awful about your sexy knickers! ‘Neighbours would ask, a dirty smile on their faces.

“I didn’t do anything wrong and I have nothing to be ashamed of. So I found love with a wonderful man, is that anybody’s business? Wale had really done it this time and I insisted the police should bound him over and keep him away from my premises.

If he wants to see his son, the driver would bring him. He really did us a favour though. Now that our secret is out, Kanbi and I can openly date and I have met a few of his friends. Thank goodness I can breathe freely again without looking behind my back all the time”.



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