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End Zoning, Begin Campaign

As the political activist and revolutionary Spartan, Balarabe Musa, cogently argued, to easily brush aside zoning as the proponents of Jonathan for President are doing is an act of political charlatanism; it betrays a tendency to dishonor commitments. Without honor in politics, the nation-state ends up as a den of robbers.

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Edo: Truth about the forthcoming council polls

GOVERNOR Adams Aliyu Oshiomhole of Edo State has always given the impression that he is an electoral reformer. He pontificates and sermonises about credible elections as if he represents the quintessence of a drum major for such reform. Not long ago, he hosted the first “One-man-One Vote” rally in Benin City, which was, understandably boycotted by his political allies in the Action Congress (AC).

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Kidnapping, PDP and 2011

Discussion at the meeting soon turned to the grave insecurity and criminality in Igbo states, especially Abia State. The meeting ended on the consensus that the insecurity in Igbo land marked by incessant kidnapping is a product of the criminalization of governance in the region.

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