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An unholy homily

I HAD the opportunity of being at Abia Lodge in T Y Danjuma Street, Asokoro, a high brow area of Abuja that houses not less than thirty governors lodges, embassies and residences of ambassadors and high commissioners of many international missions.

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Justice Shoremi: Can that be the truth?

THE “Close-Up”chat Bilesanmi Olalekan had with Justice Francis Shoremi, reported in Sunday Vanguard, October 4, was very revealing. For example, the eminent jurist is a profoundly religious man. By his own testimony, he is a church leader; a senior apostle of the Cherubim Church; patron of so many Bible societies.

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Between Ekweremadu and south east people

IT doesn’t take a genius to segment players on the Nigerian political turf. There are the rabble rousers, the empty vessels who make all the noise, yet have virtually nothing to show for it. We have peddlers of synthetic images on television screens, pages of newspapers, and life-size billboards, no thanks to compromised, kabu-kabu journalism.

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Nigeria’s cult of corruption

By Ugochukwu Ejinkeonye VIRTUALLY every Nigerian knows and strongly believes that any day Nigeria is able to make up its mind to end its obscene and ruinous romance with the stubborn monster called “corruption”, this country will automatically witness the kind of prosperity no one had thought was possible in these parts. Just imagine the
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