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Adeosun as Nigerian Army’s Star Boy

The promotion of Lamidi Adeosun to the enviable rank of Lieutenant General by President Muhammadu Buhari recently has got the country talking. In some quarters it was stated that he was by this promotion appointed the Chief of Army Staff. And of course, the Nigerian Army was quick to clarify that the elevation of Lamidi
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Governorship as Igali’s second missionary journey

The race to Bayelsa State Government House at the Creek Haven in Yenagoa has begun, symptomatic of another ritual of installing a new governor. It also has a signification: it is a time to interrogate the antecedents of aspirants/candidates and to convey political promises to both the electorate and the citizenry in a usually aggressive and blistering electioneering. By the means of political intellection and communication, people’s hope for good governance is always raised; but, subsequently, almost consistently shattered and battered both in comparative and relative terms as it has been the lot of successive administrations in the state.

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Abba Kyari

A prayer for Chief of Staff, ‘General’ Abba Kyari

One of the key challenges of governance in Nigeria and the rest of Africa has been the failure of different agencies of government to operate with cohesion. Since the return to democracy in 1999, the Nigerian public sector has appeared to Nigerians as a visionless conglomerate with disparate units and organs working at cross purposes. It is often widely considered to be peopled by individuals that have only one goal: “grab as much of the national cake as possible.”

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Politics of Escapism: Why Igbos should adopt broad strategy in Nigerian politics

The entrepreneurial spirit of an Igbo person is next to none. They are known for leaving their enclaves in the South East, Nigeria, migrating to Lagos, different parts of Nigeria and all over the world in search of greener pastures and returning to their villages in ONE YEAR with automobiles and wealth. I am not exaggerating; most actually make it in such a very short interval.  Sui generis to the Igbo people, it is the dream of every one of them who leaves their ancestral homes in the South East to go abroad.

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Menace of taxes and levies on business owners

THE inability of government at all levels – Federal, state and local government- to provide jobs for the teeming population has long called for alternative means of livelihood for unemployed people in Nigeria. This has led to the establishment of different business ventures, ranging from vocational-oriented, artisanship and experimentation with different business ideas as such occurs to the individual. This has paved way for employment generation through engagement of assistants, where needed, thus reducing unemployment and crime rates in the society.

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