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Nigeria is losing a whole generation to unemployment

Balance is key

IT is nice to observe that the Nigerian Press has resolved to stay put in Nigeria, instead of taking a “trip to Afghanistan” at this crucial phase of our democracy. This is in spite of having seen some of our people’s advocates, who the masses have been looking up to, cross over to the other side. In the words of Yinka Odumakin “in the mode of keeping quiet in eating season”.

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The shape of prophecies that won’t come to pass in 2020

MOST of those who look into the future, close or distant, talk of the shape of things to come. They hardly speak of the shape of things that won’t happen. Why? It is assumed that we should be led only into the world of the good life awaiting us after today, the prosperity that will take place hereafter, the gilded age hid from us, the world of what we are not seeing at the moment.

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Promoting culture in academics

THE richness of African culture has, once again, been brought to the fore when sound knowledge has found an enviable place in Western education within the four walls of our ivory towers. This development not only shows the interdisciplinary nature of knowledge, it also clearly highlights the superiority of African tradition when it comes to global relevance.

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