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Open letter to the would-be elected president on a seven point developmental agenda for 2019-2023

Majority of Nigerians have demonstrated their trust in you and in your ability to change the nation for the betterby electing you into the office of the President for this term 2019 – 2023, which are four determining years for our nation. They are years that will determine our fate; whether we will experience the development and rapid growth that we all envisage and anticipate or remain in this deplorable state or even deteriorate.

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Sizing up Delta central senate race

Next week, many Nigerians will participate in yet another critical election. And for the electorates in Delta Central Senatorial District, the stakes could not be higher as they have to make a massive decision on who to send to the 9th senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Electing a wrong person could have dire consequences for the Urhobo nation that is eager to restore its standing in the affairs of state and country.

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Monkey work, baboon chop

WHILE the whole country is praising God for the safe landing of all occupants, including the Vice President, on board the ill-fated Caverton helicopter that crash-landed in Kaba, Kogi State, many are still pondering on what would have been, if the accident had been otherwise. This is a man who has given his best to shore up the image of a government that has apparently fallen short on its promises, in all ramifications except in the area of propaganda.

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On the Suspended ASUU Strike

Last week, the strike embarked upon by the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) which started on November 4 last year came to an end, at least for now. That should come as a relief to students, parents, guardians, committed lecturers, concerned federal and state governments, and other stakeholders. Without being patronising, Nigerians should appreciate this government for not allowing the huge pressure associated with electioneering to hinder it from making efforts to resolve the crisis.

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Things fall apart, but is the President aware?

Anap Foundation has commissioned opinion polls for every Presidential Poll and many Governorship Polls since 2011. The results of the extensive polls conducted, on our behalf by NOI Polls, for the 2019 Presidential elections indicate that respondents who were undecided and/or unwilling to disclose their candidate (the Undecided) at the time of the Poll (end-January) were a whopping 38% of the total voters’ sample.

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Iyalla passes on at 90

It was with shock and awe-and great sadness, that I received the news of the death of Ambassador J. T. F. Iyalla, my mentor and benefactor, who refined by the fire of discipline, my raw intellect into burnished gold, as a diplomat. Among the “Pantheon of the Greats” in the Nigerian Foreign Service, Ambassador Iyalla was pre-eminently and incontestably, the “Primus Inter Pares”. He was our icon, and excellence was defined by his uncompromising high standards

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