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Apostle (Dr.) Hayford Alile: A spark of genius and character

Our uncle, HayfordAlile, was very genuine and true to that word, in the African sense. He was a scion of the legendary Chief Ogbeide Uyo (Inneh) expansive dynasty of the Benin Empire and he became an “uncle” to the many branches of that illustrious dynasty, including: Oviawe, Eghobamien/Ogbomo, Agho/Obaseki, Alile/Eguavoen, Amadasun, Omoregie, Obayuwana, to name a few. 

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IMN threat and the state’s monopoly  of violence

There must be a limit to deluding ourselves. Metamorphosis is real. The process moves from egg to larva to pupa and finally the adult insect emerges to do good or unleash evil. The Islamic Movement in Nigeria is at the verge of evolving to the adult stage of destruction – having gone through the pupa stage of relative inaction until it began a campaign of violence in the last few days

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Biafra, Buhari and King Darius of Persia

King Darius I (522 – 486 BC) was the fourth in line and the  greatest of  the kings of the  ancient Persia, today’s Iran. During his reign, the empire covered the entire middle East, modern Turkey and parts of  Balkans, India and Asia. His ambitious plan to overrun and annex the city states of Greece however met the waterloo at the battle of Marathon where the highly spirited Athenians inflicted a debilitating defeat on the Persians in B.C 490.

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Don’t believe the hype, not even Tinubu has control of Alimosho – Oby Ezekwesili

The most recurring question that have come up since I decided to contest the position of the president of Nigeria has been the issue of structure. I hear it all the time everywhere I go, from family, from friends, on the internet and offline, in hushed whispers and in the
worried voices of people who express their fears to me personally.

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For a more efficient, productive Civil service

THE  Accountant General of Akwa Ibom State, Pastor Uwem Andrew- Essien, recently disclosed that the state government had paid pension and gratuity arrears spanning 10 years for the state’s civil servants. According to him, the arrears have been cleared till 2015, thus leaving outstanding payment to be that of civil servants who retired in 2016 alone. The payment he explained is being done in batches  because of the huge sums  involved.

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