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Amnesty, Charles Dokubo

The many unspoken strides of Prof Charles Dokubo

I have delayed this piece for over  5 months since after the commemoration of Prof. Charles Dokubo’s one year in office as the Special Adviser to President Muhammadu Buhari on Niger Delta Amnesty. This I have done in order to further gauge the level of consistency in his initiatives since it’s a well-known fact that newly appointed CEOs and Chairmen in our climes run out of steam immediately after the celebration of either 100 days or one year in office. Hence this piece comes off as an in-depth critique of his efforts, challenges and achievements in the last one year.

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Obaseki, Senate, Edo

Obaseki on the future of child education

THE Governor of Edo State, Mr Godwin Obaseki, recently disclosed that his administration is undertaking a holistic review of the basic education curriculum in the state. The governor was speaking on the occasion of the 2019 Children’s Day celebration at a Thanksgiving Mass at St Paul’s Catholic Church, Benin City. He stated that education is a veritable tool for building social relationships for the attainment of human progress and national development.

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Us Govt, cabinet nominees , Sanwo-Olu,Omotoso, Lagos

Lagos and the greenery crusade

ACCORDING to climate experts, human-induced global deforestation is responsible for 18-25 per cent of global climate change. The United Nations, World Bank and other leading non-governmental organizations are, therefore, encouraging reforestation and other activities that promote tree planting to mitigate the effects of climate change.  

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