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Economic implications of the new Tobacco tax policy

The Nigerian government recently reviewed the excise duty rate and structure applicable to tobacco products and alcoholic beverages. Specifically, government approved an additional N1 specific tax on each stick of cigarette (N20 per pack), which would increase to N2 per stick in 2019 (N40 per pack) and eventually N2.90 per stick in 2020 (N58 per pack) while maintaining the current 20% ad valorem rate on unit cost of production.

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Rejoinder: Dogara has always stood for truth, justice

It is common knowledge and several events have proven that when you fight corruption anywhere in the world, corruption fights back with great intensity. This especially applies to Nigeria where the same people who fleece poor Nigerians of their future disguise as saints and cry to the highest heavens whenever there is an attempt to bring them to justice for their misdeeds.

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Uduaghan: The man gearing for Niger Delta development

There are politicians and there are politicians. In Delta State, they also abound in different shades and characters, so much so that if awards were to be doled out today, there would be a lot of pretenders amongst them as far as the development of the Big Heart State is concerned. Inversely, a few contenders would line up for the awards based on their selfless contributions which have made the state worthy of being counted among the ‘big’ states.

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