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More Ways to Beat the Heat

The effect of the hot sun is beginning to tell on a lot of Nigerians; preventing many from getting outdoors and inhibiting activities. Here are some ways to beat the harsh effect of the rays and stay healthy and hydrated.sun-shades

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Glam: Your distressed Jeans

When it comes to dressing down, nothing helps your course more than a pair of jeans trouser or a cute mini jeans skirt. A pair of jeans paired with a simple top-another jeans blouse, tank top or an embellished chiffon blouse helps you look really laid back. But your typical weekend look can even look better with a pair of distressed jeans trouser of skirt.

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Simple tips to aid skin regeneration

If your skin is clean, smooth and even congrats! You are a winner! But not everyone is born with perfect skin. You may have dark areas,, facial hair, acne scars , wrinkles and other bumps in your face, evidence that you need to take steps to care for your skin. What you should do to regenerate your skin

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