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Rotten Festac Town : The story of a diabolical national decline

Big trouble, as more Nigerians sink deeper into poverty

By Ugoji Egbujo The second World Black and African Festival of Arts and Culture (FESTAC) held in 1977. It lasted one month. The first festival had held in Senegal in 1966. 17,000 participants and Steve Wonder were expected. Our future seemed so bright. We built a whole town to host the participants. Before the festival
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Glam: Your distressed Jeans

When it comes to dressing down, nothing helps your course more than a pair of jeans trouser or a cute mini jeans skirt. A pair of jeans paired with a simple top-another jeans blouse, tank top or an embellished chiffon blouse helps you look really laid back. But your typical weekend look can even look better with a pair of distressed jeans trouser of skirt.

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Simple tips to aid skin regeneration

If your skin is clean, smooth and even congrats! You are a winner! But not everyone is born with perfect skin. You may have dark areas,, facial hair, acne scars , wrinkles and other bumps in your face, evidence that you need to take steps to care for your skin. What you should do to regenerate your skin

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