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Nigerians struggle as virus lockdown hits supply chains

AU deputy slams suggestion to test coronavirus vaccine in Africa

At a market on the outskirts of Nigeria’s megacity Lagos, yam trader Olatunji Okesanya is scrambling for produce as measures to halt the coronavirus cut him off from suppliers. “The restriction in movement has disrupted supply — the farmers are finding it difficult to get their produce to Lagos,” he told AFP. “The few who
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Rural Woman’s quiet on the front burner

The concerns of the rural woman are core aspects of governance at all levels in Nigeria. Also there are ministries, departments and agencies dedicated partly or totally to her. And the mass media report them and their activities. These put her on the front burner. But, as this content analysis shows, there is limited and/or no feedback from her.

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Investigation: Illegal oil exploration destroying Warri Royal Cemetery

… As Indigenes Lament, Call for Protection of Cultural Heritage By Iteveh Ekpokpobe Palpable disaster looms over lives and property of residents around the Warri Royal Cemetery located in Jala-Ikeren community of Warri South Local Government Area, following illegal activities of crude oil merchants on the land. A visit to the historical and cultural heritage
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Nigeria and new economic status in Africa

SKEWED CRUDE PROFIT SHARING: How Nigeria lost over $62billion

Why bill was taken to Buhari in UK for assentHistory was made in the petroleum sector of Nigeria’s economy on Monday, October 4, 2019, when President Muhammadu Buhari in faraway London, United Kingdom, assented to the amended Deep Offshore and Inland Basin Production Sharing Contracts Act. Following the development, what has the country lost, stands to gain? The answers are tucked in this piece.

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