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Wasted lives: Nigeria’s ‘forgotten’ prisoners

Court sentences 4 men to 2 years imprisonment each for destroying cell padlocks

Junior and his friend Prosper were living in a room in a poor neighbourhood of Nigeria’s economic capital Lagos when police raided their home in search of their landlord, a suspected car thief. Unable to locate the suspect, the police arrested the two tenants, both then 21, accusing them of being accomplices in the theft.
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Growth in Africa is Fragile and Now, COVID-19: How the Continent’s Economies Can Recover

The African Economic Research Consortium (AERC) Senior Policy Seminar has placed a spotlight on fragility of growth in African economies, seeking to stimulate an informed policy dialogue and related policy-making aimed at reducing identified fragile contexts and building a more resilient African economic sector. However, social and economic issues that were already highly challenging have
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