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Yobo: Letter from Brazil

Dear Messrs Paul Bassey, Onochie Anibeze, Patrick Omorodion and Vanguard, I address this short piece to you as my humble contribution to your unrelenting efforts in seeing that our dear Soccer does not die in the hands of many many many detractors. I would like Keshi to read it, outside its publication. I am sending the article both in PDF and Word F.

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My humble plea to Keshi

I want to say that Super Eagles coach, Stephen Keshi is neither my friend nor my enemy. My only relationship with him is that we were former Bendalites before the military separated us into Edo and Delta States. He being from Illah fell into Delta while me from a little village called Ekpon in Igueben local government fell into Edo.

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World football, a big cult

Football is next to religion as the opium of the masses and its administrators have turned it into a cult of some sort that once they are initiated into it, they hardly want to welcome any uninitiated into their fold not minding if you have ideas to help in the development of the sport.

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