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Artificial sweeteners can make you fat!

THE lives of everyone watching their weight were recently thrown into disarray when a leading food expert claimed that far from making us thinner, ‘diet’ products containing artificial sweeteners may actually be responsible for weight gain. For many of us, low-fat versions of our favourite foods: yogurts, fizzy drinks, spreads, biscuits, crisps and cheese—make us feel we can safely indulge in a little of what we want without piling on the pounds, by swapping natural sugars (at 40 calories a gram) for sugar substitutes that have just two calories.

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I’ve been a rape victim severally

Almost three years after the first rape, I was raped again. This is where I feel like I am going literally crazy. I reported this one to the police, but I think that was a bad idea. I can’t handle the stress this has brought on! It is affecting my education and I feel like quitting. I would hate myself if I gave up. I have to finish school. I just need help rearranging my life.

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Should I make the first move?

I was really impressed with some of the answers you gave to the questions posed to you. I need an objective third party to help with my situation. I was working for an academic, and I noticed a male student around 26 years old who seems interested in me. Several times, there have been intense eye contact between us and he has stared at me many times. I wonder if I should make the first move of walking up to him.

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