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Revenge sex is never the smart thing to have!

“This day in question though, my wife agreed to go to the family function alone and I drove excitedly to my woman’s place. Our four-year old son would be away at play school, so I was really looking forward to a relaxed afternoon. When I got to her place, I was surprised her door was opened. So I went in, bounded up he stairs to her bedroom and opened the door.

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Is absence of elites kids’ in Nigerian schools, bane of our education system?

Nigerian educational system, since the military rule, has been declining. This was not so during colonialism, the First Republic  and when missionaries held sway in  the system. Then,   Nigerians, including their elites, educated  their children at home. Even those who studied abroad returned home for employment. However, with the collapse of the system,  a lot
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Juggling your spouse with your bit -on- the-side!

I was pleasantly surprised when I recently had a phone call from Akin, a happy-go-lucky ‘senior boy’ friend, quite early on Monday morning. “Wots up?” I shouted excitedly down the phone. I was on my way to a book launch and was already running late. This had better be good, I muttered. Akin has always loved a good gossip and I’d expected him to top up on current gossips when he asked as unexpected question.

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Can you let cell phone palaver destroy your home?

Heaven was almost let loose recently in the home of the Bensons. This was because Mr Benson had gone out to have fun with one of his girlfriends. The two enjoyed themselves but Ben did not warn his girlfriend not to call him or send him text messages. Unfortunately, he forgot his phone in his car when he got home. Too tired that night, his wife decided to go pick up their guest from the airport with the same car.

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Are married women better at juggling different partners?

“I’ve been married for over 25 years. My lover is a divorcee and we’ve been seeing each other for over 10 years. My husband suspects nothing and that’s the way it will stay. He’s happy with his life and has a wife who looks after him deeply and I have my home and family on one side and a man who loves me very much on the other side.

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