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Should you be wary of one night stands?

What sort of buzz, drives a man to one-night-stand, relationships’. Lola had accompanied her friend to her ex-husband’s birthday party, hoping to have the good time she promised. “He has birthday bashes annually”, said Lola, “and my friend has stayed friends with her ex because he was a good provider even when their marriage wasn’t really working.

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After 5yrs of neglecting you,will you tolerate a hubby who returns with mental illness?

Juliet and Charles got married five years ago. Both were blessed with two kids. But Charles left the country in search of greener pasture. While he was away for six months, Juliet was left in the dark as Charles did not leave any forwarding address . Without words from her man, Juliet gave up hope of seeing Charles. But Charles resurfaced five years later, a different man: Charles was mad!

What would she do? she wondered. Should she forgive him and perhaps, take him back as her repentant husband? Should she turn her back on him forever? After a deep thought, Juliet took him back after consulting with her family members who even assisted her to restore Charles’ sanity.

But few weeks after regaining sanity, Charles showed the beast in him, beating her black and blue, and sometimes, forcing his way into her at his own will. He even lost feeling for the children. Now, Juliet is confused. For love, should she continue to tolerate her man? Should she show him the way out? Should she run away with their kids? Should she stay in the marriage in compliance with the biblical injunction of for better, or worse?

As usual, we’ve spoken to some of our celebrities and they have this to say. Enjoy it and have a fulfilling weekend.

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If your spouse sneaks out on Valentine’s eve only to return next week, will you call it quits?

Celebrations always come with different kinds of aftermath and Lovers day (14th February) is not left out as various complaints on disappearance of spouses during the celebration kept knocking on our door. If you had your spouse by your side through out the celebration then you should count yourself lucky because the story was different for some other people. What will be your reaction if your spouse disappears on Valentines eve only to return some few days later? Will you call it quit or allow the sleeping dog to lie? Read on and find out the reactions of some of our celebrities.

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What would you describe as the perfect gift on Valentine’s day?

14th February is celebrated as lovers day in commemoration of Saint Valentine who was killed for performing secret marriages for men and women in love against the orders of Emperor Claudius. This saint is today known as the patron saint of lovers.Whether sharing of gifts is compulsory on this special day and what that perfect gift should be is our topic for discussion and we have brought for your delight the gifts which some of our celebrities consider perfect for the day.

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Marriage or freedom? Dare I choose?!

Okay, it’s all a joke. I know being a house-wife these days is not what it’s cracked up to be. I know it’s hard.,, hard work; so much so that a lot of women believe it should be given monetary value. Like a good ‘homemaker’, friend of mine puts it, “If a man didn’t have a handy wife to care for his children, do his laundry, cook his meals, clean his house and have sex with him, he’d have to pay someone else to do it”.

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On the verge of divorce, your partner suddenly wins N100m jackpot . Will you continue with the suit?

Money answereth all things is a popular biblical saying.  Whether it applies to all is another question. Today, we’re taking a look at the role of money in marriage. Is it possible for money to reverse a divorce decision? This week, as usual, some of our celebrities have done justice to the subject. Read on:
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