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How many affairs are you willing to forgive?

Even if there was a blue print for having a healthy relationship, chances are it wouldn’t work for each individual the same way. Man meets woman, a relationship develops and within weeks, you are in seventh heaven. Your man is the ‘soul mate’ you have always dreamt of – you virtually live in each other’s pockets and you can’t stop pinching yourself on how lucky you are.

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When you drink for two, your child becomes damaged

Imagine when your pregnancy is scanned for the first time so you could see your precious baby growing in the womb, suddenly its whole body gives a shudder and the foetus appears to jump. Such a movement is known as the startle reflex, and the scan described above are from photographs from scans that were taken by Peter Hepper, a professor of psychology at Queens University, Belfast and an expert on the effects of alcohol on unborn babies.

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