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Awolowo ,Awoism

Awoism and the unending search for transformational leadership in Nigeria: Challenges (5)

Several years after the titanic strides of Chief Awolowo, the search for transformational leadership in Nigeria remains ongoing. In this final part of my address, I will propose how true national leaders in the mould of Chief Awolowo can emerge and how Nigeria, a country of many nations can metamorphose into a nation properly so called and how we can move closer to the ideals of Awoism. 

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Niger Delta

Niger Delta intellectuals caution separatists, want FG to be decisive about criminal activities in region

Following the recent threat by some criminals to declare the Niger Delta Republic on 1st June several intellectuals in the region under the aegis of Niger-Delta Intellectual Front (NDIF) has advised the Federal Government to take proactive measures. A militant group known as Network of Niger Delta Republic Fighters, Monday, warned of an impending breakaway,
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