Delectable Nollywood actress, Amaka Obi is far from being tagged a greenhorn in the movie industry, not only because she produced her first movie some six years ago, but also because the Mbaise, Imo State beauty has a couple of feats to brandish when it comes to some pioneering efforts in the industry.

As our star for this edition the ‘Miss Endowed’ as she has been branded in some quarters gives us a quickie on life in the make-believe world.

Can you tell us briefly about your self and your educational background?

My name is Amaka Obi-Opara from Imo State, Mbaise to be precise. I went to Imo State University, University of Port Harcourt and finally finished from National Open University Lagos where I did flexible studying because I was already acting by then. I had always wanted to be on TV because my dad wanted me to study Mass Communications and become a newscaster, so I finally settled for English and went into acting classes.

How long have you been acting and how many movies have you produced and featured?

I have been acting for a while now. I will say my career started off from the couple of contacts I made from my acting class and the few hands I got from where I started (Festac Town), that used to be the Nollywood village and I once lived there. I was 21 years when I produced my first movie in 2013 (Lagos House Wives), no actress could successfully produce a movie independently then, but I did, and I’m proud of it. So far I have done a couple of movies and I will say I have lost count because they are quite many.

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Which of the movies were rather challenging to you?

All the movies I have done are interesting with great storylines but I will say “Kings Scepter” because I was the first actress to play a female modern king. It was so challenging and exciting at the same time, I enjoyed it. It’s a Believe Media Production, produced by Morris Sessay.

Among the Nollywood artistes, who is your favorite?

I really don’t have a favorite, everyone has their space but I will give it to Linda Ikeji for opening doors to young talents who want to come into the industry and showcase their craft “Made in Gidi’ was not just for me.

What turns you on and off as an Actress?

What turns me off is the fact that people expect too much from you. They look forward to your mistakes so they could create a story out of it, forgetting that we are humans too. I also feel bad about the   competition, the aliases, and the politics in the Industry. What turns me on is the acceptance.

What is your take on actors and actresses marrying one another in the same industry?

I have nothing against actors marrying each other, as long as they can manage it.

In your opinion, how can a woman keep her man faithful?

A woman can keep her man faithful by simply looking good and attractive all the time, but let’s not forget that nothing is as attractive, as a peaceful woman.

You became popular for your bum (back side), do you think upcoming actresses should flaunt what they have to push their career?

Your body part shouldn’t be your focus if you want to have a good career. And yes, flaunt what you have, but be classy with it. That’s just my opinion.

What is your greatest fear in life?

Dying. The future is now, so, lets get working. I have a lot to offer;  my craft, my delivery and everything.

What else would you have been if not an Actress?

I would have been a lawyer or a newscaster that my dad had wanted me to be.

What advice do you have for those aspiring to be actors?

My advice to everyone out there aspiring to become actors is; please know your craft, be yourself, believe in God, be passionate and boom you are there.

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