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This time, it is Foxgate

It was a long time we had a Profumo scandal, but between him and a Fox, some water has flowed under the bridge.
But Fox Liam, a medical practitioner, has now riding Fox may be a medico, but his colleagues within the cabinet say he was a damned good politician. They even credited him with doing good work at the defence ministry. They even say he worked well at Afghanistan and in Iraq and elsewhere. Until the cookies crumble.

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September 11, 2001 alias 9/11-1

Ten years ago, a single cataclysmic event altered the way we viewed the world. On September 11, 2001, the world watched in horror as planes struck the World Trade Centre twin towers in New York . It seems so unreal that anyone in their right mind could not have thought it could happen, least of all, not in America . But it did and it unleashed even more tragedy in the number of lives lost that day in the weeks, months and years that followed . Its resonance felt the world over.

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One man’s patriot, another man’s terrorist?

On July 22, 2011, the world watched in horror as a heinous crime was committed by one person to many others in Norway. While the horror was unfolding with the immediacy of the media, there were many voices who lent their views to a culprit or culprits who could be the Asian youths in Norway or the usual suspect being the Al Qaeda. After all, it was a bomb in the centre of town and there were fatalities. This person or persons then travelled to carry out more massacres on Utøya Island. Utøya Island is situated in a lake about 26 miles north-west of Oslo where the Labour Party was hosting its youth camp

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‘I am humbled’

The billionaire of the recently- rested News of the World, Rupert Murdoch, has been known for years, but not as much as he is now known. In recent time, his fame or notoriety has gone round the world. Murdoch’s overweening political influence has long been recognised, from well before when the former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, flew to Australia in 1995 to pay homage at his corporate court. It is said that those who knew him have the fear that those who crossed him would be given the full tabloid treatment over their personal misdemeanors, real or imagined.

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