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Atiku has emerged; to what purpose?

By Kola Animasaun
Atiku Abubakar, former Vice President, has emerged the consensus candidate for the Arewa people.  He will contest against the official candidate of the PDP, Goodluck Jonathan.

Bukola Saraki was not in contention at all.  He was a Yoruba masquerading as an Arewa.  When it suits the North, the non-Hausa/Fulani will be part of them.  But a time like this, the Sarakis of this world can not be part of them.  So, I was not surprised that Bukola was not in contention.

IBB was all the while very ambivalent.  He did not know whether he would be accepted or ejected.  He therefore has one foot in and one out.  The Ciroma panel did the best thing in the circumstance – choked him out.  We are likely to hear more of him in the future.

I had voted for Aliyu Gusau. He probably was not allowed a look in because of what he would do if he wins as the President.  He knows too much of Nigerians and Nigeria that he is best kept in the closet.

So, the Ciroma panel made the best of a bad job.  It took in Atiku and hopes he will win.  I am not in the betting business but I have the hunch that Atiku Abubakar will not fly.  Which leaves other contestants wide open.

Muhammadu Buhari stands up very attractive.  He did not seem to have put a foot wrong in the years he has been in public service.  Now that PDP has shown its hands, Buhari can now work on his alliances for the election.

I will be scandalised if the ACN will not join to defeat the PDP at the polls.  After all, the Igbo will benefit to the same extent from the Goodluck Jonathan PDP.  And without the disadvantage of losing their turn, come 2015.

As for Nuhu Ribadu, the Yoruba say: “The frog says when you come to the tail, forget it”.  Ribadu is better forgotten.

Ms Kyi out at last
“However intense the sun, there must be a shade of cloud.  However good our life, there must be the high point” – A hymnist.

So after 15 years in detention and many others of deprivation, Burma’s pro-democracy leader Aung San Sun Kyi has been released from his captivity.

In the course of her struggle she was honoured with the Nobel Peace Prize for her work on peace and has been recognised throughout the world.  She became known as a golden fish which could not hide, so much so that the generals in Burma could not do anything against her without some repercussions.

Ms Sun Kyi is now 65 years and she has been in and out of detention for the last 21 years.  Her tribulation started when she won the last election in 1990 on the platform of the National League for Democracy (NLD).  She was never allowed to take over power.  She was in that instance like the Nigeria’s Moshood Kashimawo Olawale Abiola, who the generals did not allow to enjoy the fruit of his victory.

And that tribulations went back to her independence hero father, General Aung Sun, who was assassinated.  Generally known as “The Lady” by her countrymen, who number the 50 million people has given her country a powerful pro-democracy voice.

Ms Sun Kyi, as expected, says: “People must work in unison.  Only then can we achieve our goal.”
She says: “When the time comes to talk, do not be quiet”, she told Burmese.  Of course, Ms Kyi will listen to what the people (Burmese) have to say.  She also will want “to listen to what the people want.  I want to listen to what other countries want, what they think they can do for us, what we think then that they could do for us, and to work out something that is acceptable to as many people as possible.”

She must have undergone deep introspection when she said: “I just think of myself as one of the workers for democracy.  Well, better known, perhaps, than the others in Burma but one of those working for democracy.”


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