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Two brothers; an uncle and a nephew

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By KOLA Animasaun
The   mother   did not know what   to do or what went on after. David  Milliband  has  resigned    from the  front  bench and  has  reverted  to his  constituency  duties.
And that reminds me of the Ogbulafors. Obioma Eze Ogbulafor,   second  son of  Vincent Ogbulafor,erstwhile  National Chairman  of  PDP and  his  junior  brother, Chidi Ogbulafor, are  contesting   the  seat  of  Umuahia/Ikuano Federal   constituency. Of course, both are princes.

The  Junior prince  says he  declared  first  but  was  waiting  for  an  auspicious time. He said he had not   withdrawn for his uncle. He  was  talking  of  “the  right  people in  the  right  position at   every  material time”  who  will  Vincent  Ogbulafor  support?
The Milliband brothers….

The  millilband  older  brother  David, ran   a well financed and  organised  campaign as he   was  favoured  to  succeed Gordon   Brown  as  the leader of  the British

Labour  party. His  younger  brother Ed was seen as an  underdog  won  in the  end  by  a  slim  margin to the  surprise of  the political  pundits  whose money  was  on the  David…they did not see that coming…..

David  was  identified  with the  New labour  policies and  a Blairite  made  a political  miscalculation when   he  failed  to distance  himself  from the  New Labour  image.
David  had  emerged   to prominence as  an adviser  to  Tony  Blair before   gaining a  seat  to  the  parliament  and  then  into  the  Cabinet.

He  was  appointed   the  foreign  minister,  the  youngest   foreign  secretary  in  decades and Ed  was appointed    to a lower  profiled  post  of  environmental  secretary  of  state.

With  Ed’s nomination  it  spells  the  departure of  New labour  right  to  the  core  of its  social  democratic  agenda

The  Milliband  Brothers  are sons  of the  late  Ralph Mililband , a  British  leading  Marxist  intellectual,  even though  David   does  not  display  any  left  credentials  ,  Ed  is viewed  to  centre left.

“Alliance are   held by fear   not by love”_Harold Macmillan_ British Prime Minister (1964)

The political road show has been set. Almost   Jonathan , Atiku,  Bukola Saraki and  the  evil  genius himself  are  ready  .As  you  perm  one   from   four , another   one is  set  and says  you are  forgetting  someone  else.

Take   for  example,  Bukola  Saraki, who  was  heading   the  governors  of  the north,nobody   expects  him  to  want  to vie   for the presidency.  So we may expect that PDP will take just one of the lots.

They   never say die that goes for Muhamadu Buhari:He has become synonymous with competing  for   the Nigerian presidency. He  started with   the  NPP and   failed.

Then  there was  the  alliance   with  AC  which  did  not   fly. Now he has jettisoned the ANPP, and even the refurbished ACN.

The other political parties do not matter. They   would be what the Yoruba called “Ban Kun Jo” as just also ran.

But   the  one  you  cannot   ignore  is  the  candidature  of Nuhu Ribadu  as  the candidature  of  ACN.

Where has he been coming from?  You    would say; from nowhere?  Some would say   from EFCC.  I do not know what else he has done. What else has he done? He has   done damned very   well for himself and his principals. And that has   been his qualifications for our presidency.

I have not   heard Jonathan or Obansanjo say a word against him.  Not  even  after  jumping  ship after what   the  two gentlemen  have  done   for  him.  There is a    catch in the Ilishan University convocation. Who knows of Ribadu, apart   from    the EFCC job to   merit an honorary LLD law?

Of  Course , I  never  forget “Politicians  neither  love  nor  hate -Babylonian  Talmud. Why  do you  imagine  the  Ahmed  Bola  Tinubu ,  the  Scorge  of  Lagos   and the  west , Bisi Akande, the  unbending   democrat; the  Akinrogun Segun Osoba who trusts  so  much  that  his  achievements  will  clinch electoral victory. There are others.

In  two  terms  of the  eight years  these  People  (except Tinubu)  have  been  in  the  political  wilderness  and  you  want  these  politicians to  have  loved  or  not  hated  their  co- travellers.

Do  you  say  Obansanjo  has  forgotten   to  play   the  games  that  has  profited  him   to play  one  against  the  others? Obansanjo ,  from  a  zero game, has  won  two terms  and  he is  dictating   the  run of play  since 2003  and  beyond.

I won’t be   surprised if Obasanjo/Jonathan is playing   the game as dictated   to Ribadu.

They  will  eliminate  the  inconsequential  Atiku, and Bukola  Saraki, even the  evil  genius  himself   and  who  else  cares   to  come  to  fray.

Even Buhari will  bite  the  dust and  thanks  will go  to  dog  in  the  manger NPP.

That will remain only the ACN to be   trounced by Jonathan. Obansanjo never forgets the   lesson   which   he learnt   from the   master. Segun (the other Segun) that the game   must   start with the presidential election.

The ACN must   be very aware   that they   will lose   with Ribadu.

They   will  not  learn  a  new  lesson, there  must  be  a  catch  in there  somewhere.
I hope  and  pray  that  Lagos  remain  a  bastion  of  Nigerian  democracy  and  Tinubu will  not  allow it   to be  snatched   from  him. That must remain a   bargaining chip.

Of  course “ Politicians  are  their own  grave  diggers”  says  Will  Rogers. We shall be not happy   to dig our   graves    for us unwittingly.

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