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Inspiring a generation – An Olympic dream

On the 27th of July, all eyes were on London. How could they top the Bejing opening four years earlier? The pride of England was at stake and boy, did we know it. Billions watched around the world when the Red Arrows jet formation flew across the stadium spewing the red, white and blue of the Union Jack. The Brits usually are known for their stiff upper lip and are not known to blow their own trumpet.

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Tribute to my dad

A truly rich man is one whose children run into his arms when his hands are empty.-Anonymous
I cannot tell you when I first had my first proper conversations with my dad, but I know he has always been present and handing out those pearls of wisdom of his for as long as I can remember. I know for sure , that I am a daddy’s girl and when I was younger, I remember going to my father to report my mother!

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The Lawan saga continues

Farouk Lawan, you know the House of Representatives Subsidy Probe panel Chairman (who since last week, has been stripped off his post). Please keep up, because it is going to get rather messy. Last week, the member of the House of Representatives was accused by Otedola that Lawan and the ad hoc committee’s secretary, Boniface Emenalo, collected $120,000 on Lawan’s behalf.

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