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2012 don go!!

By Iretiola Doyle

I stole that line from Sound Sultan –remember his hit track 2010? It underscored the many failed promises of our leaders. Remember our nation was to undergo a major transformation and everything was supposed function well —albeit miraculously!

Outside of ‘2000’ and ‘2010’, I don’t recall a year (in this millennium at least) that was so anticipated, so talked about, so ‘prophesied’ about… I would say it more than lived up to expectation. All over the world, right here at home; drama. Everywhere you turned, there was something going on.

If it wasn’t a natural disaster, it was a couple of people holding entire nations to ransom. Look in another direction you will find some of these same people literally at each other’s throats because contrary to the saying (at least where these ones are concerned) there is no honour amongst thieves. If it’s not that, it’s someone walking into an elementary school or any other kind of public place and killing  five year olds; innocent people because he was ‘disturbed’ and having a bad day.

Right here at home the blood flowed freely right through the year… I doubt that a month went by without an incident, be it an act of terror or as a result of human negligence or just by some freak accident that cost the loss of human lives. Not to mention the daily waste of resources of every kind.

At a point it seemed relentless, and as each one landed like a body blow you curled into yourself a little bit more trying to hide from the images and the sheer knowledge of what’s going on literally in our backyards.

Without a doubt there were moments of glory both home and away… isn’t that what life is about; the good and the bad? Thing is, as I sit here in its closing days looking back, it’s all a haze. Other than those that hit close to home, the kind that made you inhale sharply, pause and think, as I look back all I can feel is a wave of gratitude that given everything that has happened one is still standing. Life and limb intact; and still in stewardship and in some cases, able to multiply the things that the Almighty has placed in ones hands.

I wonder though if that isn’t unhealthy and kind of selfish…The fact that one has become so inured to the destruction that exists all around… what about the greater humanity? There has to be more to it than getting up in the morning, putting one foot in front of the other, taking care of one’s ‘business’ and ensuring that a least the ones that exist in your immediate circle are taken care of… abi?

Perhaps that’s another reason to be grateful. That we are still here standing, means we’ve got a little more time; to do better, be better, contribute more, give more, learn more,expand, renew, regenerate, restore…

And that is my prayer for you this season… that there be a restoration and regeneration in every area of your life and in our nation. I pray that you have more, so you can give more.

Merry Christmas!


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