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Life as a long distance flight

By Iretiola Doyle

Half the time you go around like a headless chicken trying to cover every day all that needs to be covered from personal hygiene to the children’s homework, and ever thing else in between. And even if you are one of those super-efficient individuals blessed with not one but 2 effective assistants, you can still come away feeling like there aren’t enough hours in the day.

It was a friend’s fiancé that gave me a different perspective. His take on it was that as people we generally liked to complicate things and that we were all lugging around a lot of unnecessary baggage. What do you mean ‘baggage’? I asked irritably as I began a mental run-down of all the things and people that needed attending to on that particular day. Each one (to my mind) integral to the balanced well-being of either myself or someone directly affiliated to me.deltaplane

What if God forbid (why do we always say that as if isn’t an inevitability) you drop dead he asked. That stopped me right in my tracks. Because we all know that no matter how painful the loss, no matter how huge the vacuum, life inexorably carries on. And all those things and people who you think can’t function without you, function just fine. In the quiet lull that his thought provoking words had produced he quietly suggested, “imagine life as a long distance flight and you’re only entitled to 20kg.”

That certainly put a different perspective on things, and not just to our daily ‘to do’ list either. Not just the hustle and bustle become insignificant, but also a lot of the stuff we bottle up inside… emotions, unresolved issues, insecurities, doubt… the list is endless. If life was a long distance plane ride, and all I was entitled to was 20kg in luggage; I’d be very circumspect about what I put in there. I’d pack only those things that are essential and can enhance my journey.

Perhaps before one can hope to be renewed and restored we must first of all make space for what’s coming by letting go of a lot of that baggage…. Some of which a lot of us are not even aware we’re carrying around. Fix those relationships that are broken and for those that are beyond repair… simply let them go.

So personally, while I’m taking stock this year, I won’t just be looking at the things that were achieved and setting new goals, I’ll be searching deep inside and looking for some of those things that really need to go. In the year 2013, may the good Lord rid you of all your excesses and equip you with everything you need to be the best version of yourself. . .Happy New Year.


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