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Soul Kate

Leaving your mark

When babies are born, there is joy in the home and in the lives of the parents. Expectations are high and everyone prays that their child will grow up to be great and leave their mark in their generation.

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Road to Rehoboth

What is the value of a Nigerian life? What are the costs and implications of being a citizen of this great Nation? I say great because indeed, we are in terms of population and resources at our disposal, but not because we have all we deserve in terms of functional infrastructure and good quality of life.

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A cause worth fight for (2)

I was getting ready for an event when I received a call from a friend one evening. She sounded desperate. Her first line to me was: “Kate, sorry to disturb you but I know you are involved with a charity that handles this sort of thing”. I asked what the matter was, and she replied, “It’s a friend of mine o, her husband wanted to kill her

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A cause worth fighting for

“Children are a gift from God and the fruit of the womb, His reward” so the Holy Book says. Having attended a wedding last week Saturday, the priest preached that the purpose of marriage was for companionship between a man and woman and procreation.

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Let there be light

As I sit here and type this article, the loud sound from my small ‘Gen’ has assailed my ears for the past five days,and that does not suggest it was not frequently on several other days. I put a tweet on the social media, twitter, complaining about the total lack of electricity and the responses I got made me think that I was no worse off than most Nigerians out there.

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Scale of preference

We were taught demand and supply in economics in my secondary school days. We were also taught about scarcity which occurred when the demand for a product exceeded the supply, and this is akin to the fuel crisis we sometimes faced in this country though “artificially” created due to mismanagement and greed.

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My Nollywood

Notwithstanding the origin of the name which sounds like a hand-me-down from the western world but it has grown in the consciousness of Nigerians here, in the Diaspora and the world as a whole. It is a name that has stuck and it is here to stay whether we like it or not.

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Deep rot

It is often said that evil acts continue to thrive not because bad people refuse to turn a new leaf but when good people stand by and do nothing. Classic example in our society was the ALUU 4 killing and burning of young boys cut short in their prime last year.

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When will our change come?

The year 2013 has arrived with such certainty that it is hard to ignore. Much as I do not like odd numbers, I have a positive feeling in my spirit that this will be a great year indeed. With the turn of a new year, come new resolutions, new responsibilities, new dreams, new schemes and new life. People resolve to make changes in their personal life, career and environment. When will the leaders of this nation of ours resolve to make a turnaround for its citizens?

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Good tidings

It is that time of the year again where festivities are in full swing. The air is filled with expectations of celebration from all over the country; young children eagerly awaiting new outfits, presents and the aged who look forward to receiving their family who will spend quality time with them and pamper them with gifts and love.

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