By Kate Henshaw
You could be driving down the waterfront close of your estate, you pull over to the side to make a call and then the next thing, you are kidnapped; whisked away to an unknown location and a ransom of 10million naira is demanded to set you free!

That is what happened to a friend’s colleague barely two weeks ago. Another, had to drive like James Bond to escape being blocked in by a car and a man walking down to the side of his car whom he sighted in the mirror.

The reason for this evil is not far fetched. Our society has gone gung-ho… and things are spiraling out of control. With the approach of the Yuletide, it is heightened by the need of undesirables to make a last minute killing and make money to satisfy their greed before the year draws to a close.

Kidnapping is just one of the many ills that plague our society. The police have to step up their operations to nip this in the bud.

Stories have been heard with instances,that some criminals have superior fire power  over that of our law enforcement agents.

It is also important that the welfare of the police is considered to ensure the diligence of  the police in discharging their duties,and also to curb unscrupulous activities of the bad eggs within the rank and file who indulge in renting ammunition to criminals among others.

It’s apparent that corruption has eaten deep into our society. The anomaly is right from the top echelon to the bottom.

The trend is,wait to occupy a lucrative position and the  looting commences… .The various probes into corrupt practices fail to yield any lasting solution because the dangerous trend is becoming a norm.

We hardly see a case concluded with stiff penalties meted out to deter others from taking that path when we have pleas being the order of the day in the judiciary. Why would corruption cease if one who is caught is only made to part with a portion of the loot?

It will be well worth it stealing huge amounts  so that when you have to part with a portion of it, you still have a enough to throw a party to celebrate your escape from the long arm of the law.

The Prime Minister of Britain had this to say: “If the amount of money stolen in Nigeria, happened in the UK, UK would no longer exist”.

With every single day of my existence in this beloved country of mine, I shudder to think of the future. I feel a strong ache in my heart that unless we are ready to grab the bull by the horns, we remain rammed into the wall.

We are still inundated with very unstable supply of petrol, a product we produce in our country and make no mistake fellow Nigerians, be ready for another price hike as an early Xmas present!

It is mind boggling still how we can have so much and yet be in total lack! Our refineries are nothing but museums where our ministers and government officials go to look at, and then say something will be done.

Our roads are decrepit( not just the famous Lagos-Ibadan Expressway), more or less death traps,and with the increase of travelling plans this December, God indeed! help those travelling by road and take them safely to their various destinations.

Should you fall ill or be in serious need of medical intervention, do not look to our health system with its third rate facilities, you are better off with local herbs and a lie down on your bed with a prayer on your lips for the Great Healer, Jesus, to heal you.

Unemployment levels are still alarmingly high,and we lag behind when it comes to educating our children who are leaders of today, not tomorrow, for tomorrow is far cry.
What would it take for those who lead to honestly serve the needs of the people,and indeed, for those being led to obey the laws and behave like responsible citizens without resorting to crimes of horror at the drop of a hat? It is heart warming however to know that one bad apple does not spoil the whole bunch.

There are still a sizeable number of Nigerians who are committed to doing things right; I see them daily when they stop at the traffic lights without LASTMA or the police being around, I see them when they are orderly in queues, when they speak out against wrong doings and when they instill good values in their children to respect their elders, work hard to become responsible members of their society and never to expect a free ride in life. It would indeed,be a shame that our children should be handed empty bowls when it will be their turn to enrich this nation the right way.



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