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Sick minds

By Kate Henshaw
Children are innocent in every respect. They did not ask to be brought into this cruel world, they are to be cared for, sheltered and nurtured so they fulfill their purpose on this earth.

Why would people with perverted and reprobate minds unleash their warped actions on innocent and trusting children and parents who are meant to protect these children are more concerned about what the society would think of them and the different positions they occupy?

My sister, lately, has been saying to me that the world is coming to an end. I believe she is not far from the truth judging by happenings in our society.
A few days ago, I received a picture that has been circulating the social media platforms (I am sure that a lot of us did as well) that made me heave and throw up! My mind instantly went to my daughter, and I will say it openly here that I would not be held responsible for my actions if that happened to her! My goodness!

That the evil minded adult male had the guts to take a picture of his evil act is reprehensible but his boldness was incomplete as the coward that he is did not reveal his identity.

A sad nation we have turned into where we have totally lost our moral compass, where the rights of children are no longer protected. We pay lip service to the truth, and do nothing to bring perpetrators to book. It grieves my heart as a parent and scares me at the same time. The animals in the wild protect their children more fiercely than humans.

Try getting close to a lioness and her cubs or even a hen and her chicks and you would see the ferocity with which you would be attacked.
Sexual abuse allegations involving the English DJ and BBC television presenter, Sir Jimmy Savile and under-aged teenage girls came to light last month, almost a year after his death.

His position in the broadcasting service gave him the access he needed to commit these crimes undetected. Enquiries have been launched into the activities at the BBC and within the National Health Service; the police have commenced formal criminal investigations into these allegations where over two hundred witnesses have come forward, some of whom are adults now.

This does not look like a scandal that can be swept under the rug. On the other hand, in Nigeria, we are adept at spring cleaning the evils that plague our society, from corrupt practices, massive fraud to child sexual abuse. No one is ever held accountable, from constituted authority to citizens who take the laws into their own hands.

We still await with bated breath the outcome of investigations into the Aluu 4 killings.
Let me give you this scenario, it is not a scene from a Nollywood movie but a true life story. An underaged female child is sexually abused, the culprit is caught and prosecuted but it is the father of the child who goes to the judge to ask that the case be dropped and even tries to bribe the  judge.

Why? He is running for office and does not want any blemish . It is no longer about the child. The culprit has ‘apologized’ and seen the error of his ways and the father wants no part of this scandal, no justice for the child. How does this child in question fare in the future? Will she ever trust again? What is the extent of damage that has been done her? We have no therapists who can help this child heal on the inside and let her know, it is no fault of hers!

Most people run from pillar to post seeking the fruit of the womb, some succeed, some do not. We are accountable for the life of every child in our care, be it male or female. When we abdicate that responsibility, we have no one but ourselves to blame when they do not turn out right.
”Suffer the little children to come unto me, for theirs is the kingdom of God”. Children have a right to a chance in the future. Let us not wipe out our future generation today.



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