By Kate Henshaw
Just by clicking a few buttons on your Computer, Laptop, iPad, Kindle fire, mobile phone, or any of the new devices out there, you connect to the world literally. Genius don’t you think? Technology has changed the face of communication between individuals, companies and the like.

You do not necessarily have to be in the same space to speak to each other. Letter writing is now done on all these available devices with new innovations trending on a monthly or even weekly basis; no longer does one need a piece of paper, envelope and stamp.

Getting your daily dose of what goes on in the world around you is just a click away. Newspapers have to set up online versions of their print to attract more readerships.

Anyone worth their salt knows that they have to advertise themselves, goods and services on the internet to reach a wider group of people. There are numerous ways : Face book, Twitter, Linked, Badoo, Blackberry Messenger, Twoo, etc.

The pull is quite hard to resist with the added advantage of reaching out to long-lost friends. Sending out information about oneself is faster than you can snap your fingers. If I thought that whatever I put down on a social space was just for the eyes and ears of those I connect with, that thought was totally dispersed when I saw a tweet of mine copied and posted in a national daily for all to see.

Why? The people you are connected to on these social networking sites also have their own connections and it goes on and on. Thankfully, I was not that bothered because I try to be myself, no matter my status in life. I am a realist. I was definitely not ashamed of my post on the site.

Right from my childhood, my mother always warned us never to talk to strangers nor accept any gifts or food from people we did not know.

It was always drummed into my ears and that of my siblings. If we visited someone as a family and we were offered food, my mum especially would give you that look that said” Don’t you dare” or else you would pay for it when you got back home. With the passage of time that advice has more or less gone out the window and as adults we believe we can take care of ourselves and are able to spot a “bad” person.

Not so for Cynthia Osokogu. She was trusting to a fault and believed that the men she connected with on face book as ‘friends’, were who they claimed to be and in the process, they took her life and desecrated her body. Will this act as a deterrent to others? Once beaten they say, twice shy.

Cynthia was a Master’s Degree student, described as very intelligent, full of life and had a promising future ahead of her. At her young age, she had won many laurels and was quite industrious too as she worked at the MTN call centre in Jos alongside running her boutique.

Dress Code. Not many young girls these days are interested in hard work. They just want the gains. They live life in the  fast lane and are carried away by the lure of so many trappings which undoubtedly will catch up with them as they grow older. The desire to get material things should give way for the need to feed one’s brains with knowledge that has far more reaching benefits.

So many versions of the ordeal that Cynthia went through were making the rounds before the newspapers came out with the story. These young men I believe were cannibals or why else would she be bitten all over her body? Why would they unleash such wicked and dehumanising torture on a fellow human being?

It was not enough that she was drugged, bound with chains, raped for God knows how long but they also gave her fist blows all over her body, strangled and eventually killed her so that their evil deeds would not be exposed. Thank God for CCTV. I cannot begin to imagine the terror she must have felt while all this was going on and wondering whether she would make it back home alive.

What was such a pretty and intelligent young girl thinking, meeting up with those men alone? If in doubt, always go with a friend or family member and also let someone know where you are at the very least, especially if you are travelling to another destination.

If you cannot call, send a text, say you have arrived safely and mention the location you are heading to. I have a dear friend who keeps me posted on his whereabouts and it is comforting to know that I am kept in the loop. When I go out with a particular friend of mine, she always calls me or I call her to say I got home ok. So much can happen within the space of a few minutes.

How many times have we heard of the death of someone and a friend would say “I just spoke to him/her this morning or we were on the same flight going to.”.

To be fore warned is to be fore armed. The words of our elders should not go through one ear and come out at the other; it should be our guide as we go about our daily existence in this life. The world is no more as big as we thought it was while studying geography. RIP Cynthia

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