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How prepared are we against the risks of Cyber warfare?

THE technological breakthroughs of our twenty-first century have opened up vast opportunities for untold wealth. But they have also unleashed new risks for individuals, firms and nations. To all intents and purposes, the wars of the future will not be fought with armoured tanks, bomber aircraft and heavy artillery; rather, they will be fought in cyberspace – on gleaming computer screens.

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Our path to recovery and growth

That the Nigerian economy has been in recession since last year is no longer news. In 2016, overall economic output regressed by a factor of -1.8 per cent, the worst since the height of our tragic civil war in 1968. External reserves dwindled to a dangerous $27 billion while exchange rate nosedived to N493 to the US dollar on the BDC market. Public debt has risen to an unprecedented high of 5 per cent of GDP even as inflation rose to a high of 18.9 per cent.

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