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Scenarios with Obadiah Mailafia

A destiny among the nations (2)

Mailafia, APC

By Obadiah Mailafia THE late French agronomist, René Dumont, once lamented that African nations have no purpose. I would imagine he was starting from the premise that the majority of our countries emerged as colonial contraptions that did not follow the linear path of nation building and political evolution followed by the European Westphalian state.
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Nigeria and new economic status in Africa

One step forward, three steps backwards

THE Nigerian economy is a series of paradoxes. In the first place, we are a very wealthy nation in terms of natural resource endowment. We in fact have an embarrassment of riches. And yet, we are the poverty capital of the world. In 2017, Nigeria overtook India as the world capital of poverty. The poor of Nigeria, as internationally defined in terms of having access to less than $1.50, number some 97 million today. They thus constitute something of the order of 48 percent of the Nigerian population.

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Britain and the new scramble for Africa

LET me place my cards on the table: I have always been partial towards Britain. Apart from my country Nigeria, it is the only other place I can call “home”. Sadly, we would never forget that the British colonialists wilfully left behind a lopsided federal contraption that was inevitably to lead to a civil war that consumed more than two million Nigerians. To forgive, they say, is divine.

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