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Scenarios with Obadiah Mailafia

Aviation and Destiny

By Obadiah Mailafia For millennia, the dream of flying like the birds in the sky-dominated the imagination of visionaries, inventors, shamans, madmen and cranks. Leonardo da Vinci, the greatest genius of all time, used to tie the wings of dead birds on his hands in the vain attempt to fly. As far back as the
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What’s the big deal about Cryptocurrency?

By Obadiah Mailafia A NEW CBN directive, dated February 5, 2021, has ordered all deposit money banks, DMBs, non-bank financial institutions, NBFIs, and other financial institutions, OFIs, that have opened windows for dealing in cryptocurrencies or facilitating payments for such currencies to close them down.  They are required to identify “persons and or entities transacting
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Angela’s Ashes

By Obadiah Mailafia I have always been an admirer of German culture and civilisation. I have visited Deutschland more times than I can recall. I have studied German history with assiduity from Leopold von Ranke to Friedrich Meinecke and Golo Mann. German history, for the most part, has been dark, harsh, slippery, bloody and icy-cold. But
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