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John F. Kennedy and the meaning of history

AT the Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia, United States lies a simple grave with a gas-fired eternal flame; a memorial to President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, 1917-1963. This year marks the centenary of his birth. He was born on May 29 1917, scion of the East Coast Brahmin of Massachusetts. His father Joseph Senior came from Irish émigré stock as was his mother Rose Kennedy. The senior Kennedy made an enormous fortune, some would say, from things that were not entirely kosher.

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Facing Mount Nebo

I’M writing this piece from the Jordan Valley, about 40 km from the Jordanian capital of Amman. I have been here for a week, attending the Second World Science Forum, WSF, which took place from 7 – 11 November.  More than 3,000 scientists were assembled, in fields ranging from astronomy and theoretical physics to medicine, bioengineering, genetics and robotics.

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Managing business in a recessed economy (1)

GOOD morning. I feel highly honoured to have been invited to address this Old Boys Association of St. John Chrysostom Junior Seminary, Osina, Imo State. For reasons I cannot fully explain, I feel deep love and rapport with Imo people. There is no doubt that your school has fulfilled its mission: I see before me distinguished alumni from all walks of life; men of sterling quality; men distinguished not only by intellect but also by character and virtue. I salute you all!

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