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Collegiate presidency and national harmony

THIS article was first published in June 2006 and republished, annually, since then on the Anniversaries of Democracy and Independence Days; but, its content has become increasingly relevant this year. Hopefully, this will once more represented as a wakeup call to abort the inevitable dire consequences which will jeopardize our relationship as a nation and thereby forestall an inevitable frustration of the hope of our people for a better life. Please read on! 

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EPA as ‘Enslavement partnership agreement’

BENJAMIN Mkapa, Tanzania’s former President, has warned Nigeria to resist pressure to sign the Economic Partnership Agreement, (EPA), with the European Union, because according to him, such contracts are counterproductive. Mkapa sounded this warning as guest speaker at the 45th Annual general Meeting of the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN) on September 14, 2017 in Lagos.

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Is petrol still subsidized?

PETROLEUM marketers  have announced, in their communiqué of  August 29, 2017, that they would commence mass retrenchment, unless government pays their over $2bn outstanding invoices, and also settles interest charges, on delayed payment and related exchange rate differentials.   Nonetheless, government’s present lean revenue expectations may compel the need, to additionally borrow N720bn domestically or $2bn externally and oppressively compound the already crippling deficit of N2.32tn in the N7.4tn 2017 budget.

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Corruption: Which is worse: N400bn bribery or $15bnplus theft?

THE publication of the report of the National Bureau of Statistics’ survey titled, “Corruption in Nigeria; Bribery: Public Experience and Response,” triggered extensive public conversation regarding, the consolidated nationwide value of over N400bn bribes, reportedly paid between April 2015 – May 2016. The 2017 report, estimated that a total of 82.3 million bribes at an average of almost one bribe of N5300 each was paid annually by every adult Nigerian.

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Desperation for forex and 18% treasury bills ‘awoof’!

By Henry Boyo THE Central Bank of Nigeria offered six and 12-month Treasuries at yields higher than the country’s inflation rate to lure yield-hungry investors and attract dollar inflows. Notably, the CBN sold a total of N204.96bn ($650.67m) in bills, on 19th July 2017. Meanwhile, “Annual inflation rate has reportedly eased to 16.1%. “However, the
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To borrow or not to borrow?

THE issue of sustainability of Nigeria’s debt service burden, has returned to the forefront of public discuss in recent years. Instructively, after the controversial, stupendous payment of almost $20bn, to exit a $30b oppressive debt overhang, owed primarily, to a consortium of London and Paris creditors by 2005; Nigeria’s total debt, has rapidly climbed again to well over $60bn, from less than N1trillion domestic and just over $3bn, external debt in 2006.

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Why higher oil prices cripple the economy

THE crash in crude oil price is usually identified as the major contributor to the prevailing parlous state of our economy; clearly, the drop in oil prices from over $120/barrel to a more humble price below $50/barrel and the significant drop in output, certainly reduced revenue inflow. Thus, one may be tempted to suggest that if “fortuitously”, oil prices soar well above $120/barrel, once more, with production also constantly exceeding 2.5mbd, our revenue base should expectedly flourish and all will be well again.

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