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Labour & wage increases: Barking up the wrong tree!- Henry Boyo

THE Leadership of Organised Labour have welcomed President Buhari’s establishment of a Committee to consider a significant increase in the minimum wage. The President of the ULC, Comrade Joe Ajaero, for example, has demanded for a N100, 000 minimum wage, while also advising his members to “prepare for war” to confront those State Governors, in the Committee, who are currently defaulting on the present N18, 000 minimum wage.

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Does CBN fund govt deficit with treasury bills auctions?

‘MY brother, Nigeria is   managing debt not wealth because a big hole was dug in her pocket after the jamboree called FESTAC, 77. The  TB is government borrowing to finance the deficit. If you understand public finance well, you will know it is the function of CBN to ensure the economy is well funded. So many of this your criticism of CBN do not add up in the context of Nigerian financial system which is why nobody in authority seem to pay attention to your criticisms and opinions. Have a nice day”

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Collegiate presidency and national harmony

THIS article was first published in June 2006 and republished, annually, since then on the Anniversaries of Democracy and Independence Days; but, its content has become increasingly relevant this year. Hopefully, this will once more represented as a wakeup call to abort the inevitable dire consequences which will jeopardize our relationship as a nation and thereby forestall an inevitable frustration of the hope of our people for a better life. Please read on! 

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EPA as ‘Enslavement partnership agreement’

BENJAMIN Mkapa, Tanzania’s former President, has warned Nigeria to resist pressure to sign the Economic Partnership Agreement, (EPA), with the European Union, because according to him, such contracts are counterproductive. Mkapa sounded this warning as guest speaker at the 45th Annual general Meeting of the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN) on September 14, 2017 in Lagos.

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