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Remove subsidy and die or keep subsidy and die ― Henry Boyo

The IMF Managing Director, Christine Lagarde, recommended, at the latest IMF/World Bank, Annual Spring meeting in Washington, that the removal of subsidy from petrol price would restrain Nigeria’s rapid debt accretion, so that erstwhile trillions of Naira, subsidy allocations could be deployed, annually, to improve the quality of health, education and infrastructure.

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Oppressive bank charges: Mr. President please stop this daylight robbery

By Henry Boyo ‘REGRETTABLY, banks seem to perceive customer deposits as a burden which must be taxed, rather than the actual base on which their total lending and ultimate profitability is primarily predicated. For example, with the present mandatory Cash Reserve Ratio of 22.5%, a customer deposit of N1000 will create at least additional N4000
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Parable of the fool and his money…

The other day, a friend narrated a story, which I found stranger than fiction; the story related to the travails of a family who lost a successful and illustrious breadwinner, who unfortunately, also died without a Will.  Consequently, the family elders were formally entrusted with the responsibility to efficiently manage the estate of the deceased for the benefit of his children and dependants.

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The masses as victims of government

POWER, they say, belongs to the people. This may actually be true where there is respect for the rule of law, and where equity and justice subsists in the free association of people and communities. These are inalienable characteristics, which positively impact human capacity development and improved social welfare, in enduring democracies. Indeed, in such a progressive ambience, political power becomes a motivation for public service rather than the pursuit of self or partisan interest, despite the obvious collateral of social deprivation and oppression.

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Naira, CBN, PDP, FAAC, assets

Party campaigns and the phobia of true federalism

THE Political Parties have, lately hit the election campaign trail, to plead with the, erstwhile, ignored proletariat to adopt their candidates as the preferred choice to plunder the common treasury for the next four years. Predictably, political office holders and their cohorts will, score government’s performance at all levels as satisfactory, even when the rest of us have clearly become poorer with decayed social infrastructure and power supply which has, unexpectedly, fallen below pre 1999 levels; furthermore, the economy is persistently plagued with increasing unemployment, and oppressive inflation rates which deepen poverty!  

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