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Abacha’s repatriated loot: Matters arising

THE actual amount stolen from Nigeria’s Treasury between 1993-8, by former Military Dictator, Sanni Abacha, may never be known. Nonetheless, Amnesty International, for example, has suggested, that over $5bn of Abacha loot had been identified, even when speculations still persist that the audacious ‘shop lift’, by Abacha, and his associates, is probably nearer $10bn. The Nigerian treasury, may have been boosted by the recovery of well over $3bn, since Obasanjo initiated, the International pursuit of Abacha’s loot in September 1999.

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At last a world ‘trophy’ for Nigeria!

NIGERIANS, recently, lamented the way their darling, Super Eagles, crashed out of the on-going World Cup in Russia. Nonetheless, the well known Nigeria penchant, for always daring to stand out, at any cost, may have been embellished, by last week’s announcement that Nigeria, has overtaken India, as Number One, in the World’s Poverty Ratings. In other words, Nigeria is presently populated by, not just a very large number of indigent citizens, but, out of Nigeria’s estimated total 170 million people, alarmingly, close to 50%      are deemed to be extremely poor.

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Collegiate Presidency and National Harmony

THIS article was first published in June 2006 and has been republished, annually, since then on the Anniversaries of Democracy and Independence Day. However, its content has become increasingly relevant this year. Hopefully, this article will once more serve as a wake-up call to abort the inevitable dire consequences which will jeopardize our relationship as a nation, so as to forestall the inevitable frustration of the hope of our people for a better life.  I wish you Happy 2018 Democracy Day! Please read on.

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Naira/Yuan swap: A significant Chinese footprint on Nigeria’s economy

CENTRAL Banks, the  world over, have responsibility for ensuring that a nation’s currency reserves are held in instruments, which would protect the value of income and savings.  Indeed, all CBN Governors have assured Nigerians of their recognition and awareness of this responsibility, but the actual spread of such holdings were never clearly defined, while the dollar remained the CBN’s choice currency”.

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