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Fit Ally floats e-commerce platform for supplements, lifestyle apparel, others

A fitness platform,  Fit Ally,  is set to launch an e-commerce platform that retails health supplements, meal prep services, and lifestyle apparel.

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How Pacquiao can beat Mayweather

Three of Pacquiao’s strengths are feints, angles and head movement. He has to use them all, and he has to change them up. Mayweather will get him timed eventually. But if Pacquiao makes adjustments himself against the adjustment king, he can change his own angles and feints as Mayweather starts to recognize them. The longer Pacquiao keeps the favored fighter guessing, and reacting to his impetus, the better chance he has.

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How Mayweather can remain undefeated against Pacquiao

Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr. has been among the most prominent faces of boxing for the last decade. His entire life essentially has consisted of the sport: Floyd Mayweather Sr. (his father) went toe-to-toe with Sugar Ray Leonard and Roger Mayweather (his uncle) is a former world champion. The 38-year-old 11-time world champion spends a majority of the fight dancing behind his left shoulder, which protects his chin; he’s the matador of boxing, the one who seemingly cannot be hit — his defensive prowess has been instrumental in leaving his unblemished record intact.

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Cosell Lives!

I remember the late Howard Cosell as the man they loved to brand and label for expressing his gut feeling about the multiplying deliberate effort at restructuring the true essence the pro boxing sport conveys.

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Underdog Overnight?

The popular boxing axiom that a fighter is as good as his last outing does not always work out in a champion’s favour. If this is true, Manny Pacquaio sees himself detached and plummeting from his lofty planetary rating to being a beatable earthling.

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A November to Remember

The combined news of Joe Frazier’s death and Manny Pacquiao/Marquez III happening inside the first half of the month effectively swung the November 2011 odds the way of the professional boxing sport. It must be noted, though, that this is a period many classify as one when such other rival disciplines as soccer, tennis, basketball and golf are either on vacation or on recess.

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I Remember Joe Frazier

The period spanning mid-September and the end of October 2011 had been a rather boring imposition I’d classify as one that has done me no good. Way back in the late 1950s, my primary school headmaster it was who first taught that idle vacations are dangerous to one’s health.

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Lagos grabs the initiative

Sometimes, it’s good to experience a change in one’s life when a man is accorded royal attention after occupying the bottom rung for what looks to be eternity. In the context of Nigeria’s sports setting, the distinction is drawn separating the elite disciplines from those condemned – by the higher establishment – to eternal rejection.

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Fond memories

I remember 1976, vividly, as the year that witnessed the world of sports capitulate before the machinations of politics.

In a world dominated by strife, the Olympic Games have served as a most effective asset providing peace and unity among the human race. At four yearly intervals, the gathering provides individuals and nations – big or small; rich or poor; Capitalist or Communist/Socialist; Black or White – with the opportunity to participate/compete side by side. The Olympic Games are, indeed, the greatest global sports spectacle. In 1976 in Montreal, Canada, world politics reared its ugly head – perhaps, for a just and worthy cause. The full African Bloc staged a mass walkout of the Games in protest to the participation of New Zealand which had only lately sent its national rugby squad on a playing tour of Apartheid South Africa.

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