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The Crossover

December is here again. So it means it’s that time of the year when several of us morph temporarily into accountants (albeit without due consent from ICAN). But of that estimable and multi-faceted profession, we constrain ourselves to a singular aspect: Stock-taking.

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A plague of wolves

Last weekend had elements of both the bitter and the sweet. With the National Youth Sports Festival coming up in Abuja in December, I had looked forward to monitoring the final preparation drills of the local athletics group that I’m associated with.

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Your kindly Nigerian Oga

A few days ago, I received a phone call from a friend who stumbled upon the last article I wrote in which I lamented the predatory instinct for pecuniary gain that seems to have established itself as a defining national characteristic across all facets of our daily lives.

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The power of Infrastructure

From the moment its conception was publicised, I had looked forward to the realization of the Lekki-Ikoyi Bridge with eager anticipation. Not that I had heard anything about its architectural design (although I was of course familiar with the antecedents of the assigned contractor).

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The age of deception

In line with the fantasies I still harbour that the next generation of Usain Bolts will be unearthed from this country, I recently got involved with a group of upcoming local athletic talent which trains every weekend. Last Saturday I impulsively decided to conduct a series of impromptu interviews amongst the youths —primarily to record their hopes and aspirations for posterity, but also to imbue in them a sense of importance and purpose.

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Reflections of a road user

Languishing in the perennial traffic snarl-ups in Lagos provides ample opportunity for all manner of reflection. And as I surveyed the chaos of motorists jockeying belligerently for position around me, I recalled a mundane but enlightening incident I encountered not very long ago overseas.

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Let’s drain out the negative stuff…

It is amazing how many Nollywood productions disappear into the annals of oblivion simply because (aside from quality issues) their owners fail to invest the same financial and creative commitment in marketing as they did in production (unlike Hollywood where marketing budgets frequently outstrip the cost of producing the movies themselves).

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